Sunday, February 7, 2016

Releases are coming!!!!

3 days until the next FBI book is out!!!!
Then 4 days until the sequel arrives!

I hope you're ready!!!!

You're about to meet a young Elizabeth LaRue and Ethan Blackhawk before they've ever met...

Let the fun begin!

Much love, mayhem, and murder...


Kindle pre-order

Past will Haunt.

Choices will Destroy. 

Buckle up! It's going to be one heck of a ride.

PS. The books are available now for my non kindle readers.

Paperback early release.

Past will Haunt.

Choices will Destroy. 


  1. Question: some other books in Amazon Prime have Audible Narration (not most, but some). Is this something you've considered? It would be great to be able to switch between reading and listening as I have a daily commute. Much Love, Mayhem, and Murder :)

  2. I have looked into it! The only reason I haven't done it is that then I would have to charge a lot more money for my books. I love being able to give my readers a huge novel for 3.99. To have someone narrate one of my books, and for me to still make enough money to pay my team, i'd have to charge almost three times as much. It costs a lot of money to have someone read a 600+ page book.
    That's the only reason why I don't do it.
    As for the auto read function, they should all have it, since I publish strictly with Amazon. I'll look into why some won't allow the kindle to read it to you (in that sexy computer voice!)

    Much love, mayhem, and murder,


  3. I've seen some where the audio is included with Kindle Unlimited, and some where the audio is an additional charge (($3.99) even if you have Unlimited. I don't have a Kindle divice, is the auto read function only on the device or on the reader as well?

  4. I'm not a hundred percent sure of that. I have my kindle here, and I'm going through all my books. So far, they all have the text to speech function, so I'm guessing it might be something always available on a kindle.
    I'll contact amazon and see what they can tell me :)