Sunday, April 5, 2015

Pre-order your copy today, and Happy Easter!!

Morning, all!

I just got the confirmation that Pledging to Die, the next FBI novel is available for pre-order.

You can get it here!

I hope you love it! I had so much fun with Johanna and Broderick! There will be more of them in book 12, Slay Bells Ring!

I promise!

Thank you for all your reviews! Keep leaving them!!! Even if they're simply one line. I can't keep doing what I do without all of you!!!!

Don't forget that you can also get the pre-order of the final Sinner trilogy book, Sinner Reborn here!

AND... The next Vampyre book, Dangerous Misery here. If you haven't read them yet, I promise they're like nothing you've ever read before. Cross my heart!

Back to the grind! 11 mega novels this year!
I'm a busy girl!

Much love, mayhem, and murder!