Friday, May 31, 2013

Tomorrow's the big day!

It's just about release day!


I even hear from a little birdie that the book might be available on Kindle today for those of you that read this here on my blog.

If you search around noon for Darkness of Truth on amazon, you just might be able to get your copy a day before everyone else...

(Shhhhhhhhh here it is!)

I won't be spreading the word to twitter or Facebook until tomorrow morning!

Think of that as my present to the best blog readers ever!

Winner of the trivia contests will get their copies too!
There were three winners!

Gemma Carter
Carla Rogers
lori reeder

You three get the download today so you can get your 'Elizabeth' on early and you also get a signed copy of my book. I'll be emailing each of you with the details and your addresses to ship it out.

Thank you for all your replies for the trivia!

I hope you enjoy the book!

Much Love, Mayhem and Murder,