Saturday, November 30, 2013

Happy Post Turky-apocalypse!

Greetings all!
Did you survive the yearly gorge and Black Friday?
I did.

We feasted, and then collapsed on the couches right after. All in all, it was a fantastic day and I was thankful to be able to spend it with family.
I hope you were all just as lucky!

Well, today it's back to work. I go on hiatus on December 20th, so I need to make sure my work is all done in time. I would much rather be a lump on the couch, but unfortunately, duty and death call. Right now, I'm working on the vampyre series re-release. Book one is getting 200 more pages and a new cover. (see the tab above for the sneak preview)
As soon as that's done tomorrow, I'll be working on the next FBI book. It's written and ready to go, it only needs my final read through before it heads off to editing. I really hope you all love Consumed by Wrath (book 8). It picks up four months after Ethan's abduction, and takes us a little more in-depth into his feelings and his emotions.
I will warn you... I cried three times re-reading it. Maybe it's just me... but if you wept like crazy when you read Devil Hath Come, be prepared.

I also have great news. Julian and Tori's first book is done and ready to go. Editing and proofing are complete, (Thank you most awesome team!) and I'll be reading through it one last time right before Christmas.
I can't wait! Blood Red Rage turned out exactly how I hoped, and I really can't wait to see how you all like it.
It's a look into Julian and Tori's life. It's fun and it's got a twist. Plus, all of you that wanted me to bring back his twin, Justin, well... he's all yours.
I'll be posting the back cover this week sometime.

While on hiatus, I'll be reading. What will I be reading you ask?
Well, the Croft & Croft series. I need to reread it because I begin writing Love is Bleeding(book 4) on January 4th. That's my next project and I can't wait. I did get quite a few questions about the hook at the end of Christmas is Killing, so I figured today would be a good day to address them!

I just finished Christmas is Killing, and I have to know something. The way you ended the book in your tease for the next one, you made it seem like you killed Greyson.
Did you?
I swear I won't tell a soul.

Well, if I tell you, it'll ruin the beginning of the next book. So, request is denied. I will tell you that the killer in book 4 is hell bent on making the FBI's life a living hell. (Mostly Greyson's)
Although it's not written yet, it's outlined in my head. I can tell you that the book will have the normal FBI/police mystery and the ongoing saga with who is trying to corrupt Greyson Croft. I don't usually give tidbits away, especially before I write the book, only because I sometimes change them as I write them. I will say that someone vital is going to die.
I can't tell you who, since I have two people in mind and I need to see how the book flows.
Only time will tell on this one.

Are you really going to 'Blackhawk' your Christmas tree?


I already did. My tree goes up on Black Friday and this year I went with a murderous theme. I found a red tinsel tree, and I did it up Blackhawk style. There are keys all over it. Like the one Ethan gave Elizabeth that she wears around her neck, and also to match something Callen gives her in book 8. I used white feathers from the cover of Darkness of Truth, and there are ravens all over it and a giant one on the top.

Don't believe me?
Well, here you go.

 I'm happy with it, but the only thing I don't like is how short it is. It's 6 feet, but we generally do 8 feet tall trees, so to me, it looks tiny.

 I will say that this is the tree in my office/lounge. I do have a giant green one with ornaments that the kids made and picked out in our family room. So, don't email me to tell me I'm crazy. I'm already well aware! LOL

Here's a few more questions answered.
Yes, my husband thinks I'm nuts.
As does my family.
It would have had skulls all over it, but I wasn't able to find anything. Maybe next year. I do think that next years tree will be in homage to the Littlemoons. I like to mix it up every year. Plus, I love when someone comes into my office and is caught off guard.
Jingle Bells.

Are you really going to make us wait until January for the next book? I have nothing to curl up with for Christmas. Can't we bribe you?

Like Elizabeth, I'm not easily swayed. I will tell you that I'm contemplating a Christmas surprise for all of you. I may release Blood Red Rage early. I'm not promising, but I'm thinking about it.
Stay tuned to find out...

Okay, I need to get back to work. I'm neck deep in murder and the holidays. I hope you all have a great week!

Much Love, Mayhem and Murder,