Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Who's a happy girl?

I am!

Here we go with the Good News!

Thank you all for your outpouring of support and love! My FBI/Romance series has had an awesome week!
It started with The Killing Times( book one), hitting Amazon's top 100.  Yes, that's right! Elizabeth and Ethan hit the big time.
We didn't hang out there long, but it is a memory that i'll never forget! Every author dreams of being on the list, and you all made it happen! SO THANK YOU!

Next up is the little fact that the entire series is ranked under 10,000 on amazon. That means out of the one million e-books that are for sale on the site, my 6 books in the series are all ranked incredibly low.
(as of this morning)
The Killing Times          rank 2,145
Sacred Burial Grounds  rank 5,562
True Love Lost               rank 7,836
Deep Dark Mire             rank  9,208
Fire Burns Hot              rank  9,194
Darkness of Truth         rank  5,233

Even Celestia is Falling is doing well at 40,726

I just wanted to thank you all! I really wish I could do it personally! I would in a heartbeat! I appreciate and love you all for your dedication to Elizabeth, Ethan and Callen.
NOW~ Everyone go write reviews! LOL. I am befuddled on how to get my readers to do it. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Torture? Begging? Pleading? What do you think will work?

Okay, now on to the serious and the bad news.

My partner in crime in this journey, the elusive Tammy had taken on a war wound. Over the weekend she fractured her elbow. (NO I had nothing to do with it! I wasn't beating her to work faster!)
She'd doing well and as feisty as ever, but she may be slower working on the books with only one arm. We're fortunate that the writing year is coming to an end for us and the schedule isn't too full. (My year is Sept to Sept) What's left to be proofed is Vegas is Dying (book 2) and Christmas is Killing (book 3) in the Croft & Croft series and the holiday book Devil Hath Come  (book 7) in the FBI Series. I had initially planned on releasing Vegas is Dying at the end of July, but it may be close. I will try to get it out for August before I leave for my hiatus on the 20th. If not, I promise to work over vacation and figure out a way to get it taken care of for you all.
Devil Hath Come and Christmas is Killing will be out on schedule.

I know I've gotten a few emails this week wondering what was next and how many more books there were on the calendar. There are the three for this year and next year I'm looking at 6 books. 2 in each series and the MEGA MEGA Novel that's a crossover. (So that's more like 8 books.)

I did get a question that was pertinent, so I'll answer it today. Later in  the week I have more Q&A planned.

You mentioned a cross over book. What is that?

 A crossover book is when you take one series and have it connect with another. In this case, the FBI/Romance series is going to meet and take on the Croft & Croft series. I'm planning to have Elizabeth, Ethan and Callen cross paths with Emma and Greyson.

What that means is if you haven't read FBI/Romance or Croft & Croft,  you'll need to or you'll be confused. The book will be coming out in both series, and I'm planning on two different covers. In paperback the book will be broken into 2 parts (I'm aiming for 800 pages, so it's like 2 books in one.) and on Kindle it will be one cover with two books inside. It'll just be broken into to pieces. When you get to the second part of the book, there will be a new title page and then the story will continue. I'm doing this because not everyone has a kindle. To buy an 800 page paperback would be over 20 bucks. I hate gouging people for money.
So, if you buy it in paperback, it'll be in 2 books. If you buy it in e-book, it'll be one book.

Again! Thank you  all for making this an amazing week on amazon! Without you I couldn't be an author!

Keep reading, KEEP EMAILING, and please leave a review! I love your feedback!

Much love, Mayhem and Murder,