Friday, June 13, 2014

I'm moving up with the times...

Everyone always asks me why I don't have a mailing list to alert them of when a new book is out. The answer is simple. I'm just buried in work.
Well, I made the time.

That's right, folks.
You can now get an alert the day a book releases and be directed to the blog to purchase it.
Wooooo hooooo!
Morgan Kelley has entered 2014


If you want an alert for when my books are out, because you're just too busy, I'm going to make it very easy for you.

Go to the above link, fill in the form and hit send. You'll get a confirmation email that asks if you REALLY REALLY REALLY want to be on this list. Click confirm and that's all.
When a book comes out, you'll get the email the day it's available on Amazon.

That was easy.

What the heck took me so darn long??????

Have a great day!
Vampyres are coming!!!
Be ready!