Tuesday, May 28, 2013

My little giggle for the day

Sometimes in life, you just have to roll with whatever comes your way.
In my life it's occasionally a bad review or something book related. Last night as I reacquainted myself with Facebook, (I left last year because it was soul sucking) I was blocked out of my three day old account.
Why you ask?
I'm possibly not a real person.
Really FB? If you've ever gotten that warning from them, you now know the conundrum I face. I have to send them two forms of legal ID to prove that I'm truly Morgan Kelley. I've had to procure documents that have my pen name on them.
Now, for someone that doesn't write under a pen name, that may be easy, but Morgan Kelley isn't my birth name.
ahhhhh, the dilemma. So, I sent my IRS LLC papers, a driver's license, and a photo of one of my first books that has my picture on the back.
I had to show less ID to give birth. Next they'll want DNA too.
So, I'm pretty sure that my days as Morgan Kelley on FB may be coming to an end. It does make me wonder though, how there are so many accounts with weird bogus names and they don't get pulled. Hmmmmmm.
If I was a conspiracy freak, I might be worked up into a frenzy on this one.

So, back to work it is, and Vegas is Dying (2) is in progress. I'm about 1/4 of the way through it and will begin writing the holiday sequel next week.

Maybe. Unless I can get the real Morgan Kelley to do it for me...

Much love, Mayhem and Murder,

AKA Morgan.