Friday, January 8, 2016

Oracle Rising Release!

It's a bright and early Friday, and I've just settled down to do some work at my desk, I'm neck deep in the next FBI book, Blood shall Run. I'm having fun with it in New Orleans, one of my favorite cities in the world. If I could to pick a place to live, it would be there.

It's the home to vampire lore, Voodoo, mysticism, creepiness, and general mayhem. You haven't lived until you've explored the Quarter, or popped into some shops that sell fun trinkets. Oh, and the cemeteries. They are gorgeous, hauntingly beautiful, and creepy as hell!

I do love a good scare.

Anyway, I'm just dropping in to tell you that Oracle Rising has risen. She's live. Avalon Miller is back, and after her 'death' in the last book in the Carter Chronicles, Sinner Reborn, we have the next chapter in her life. After all, she promised that if she could be free, she'd help people just like her.

Well, she's doing it.

In Case File One, you'll meet Juliett Deveraux. She's haunted by her gift. All she wants is to help people, but the only thing she's doing is watching them die. In her job, in her life, and in her dreams.
Enter in Rhett Longfellow, the sexy sheriff of the town where women are going up in flames. He's the strong silent type haunted by his own choices in life. When Juliett calls out for help, only one voice, other than the killer answers--Oracle.

They're in a race to save the woman, the other victims in the town, and to navigate their own angst. Oracle is getting more powerful. She's a psychic like none have ever seen before. Can they keep it under wraps? Can they keep her safe?

It's going to be a fun ride! I loved writing this book, and as the series continues, you're going to see the change in all of them. You can't be an off the charts psychic and not have to come to grips with that. Avalon is young, wise, and has a lot to learn about her, their job, and the man she's going to marry one day.

It's a fun ride. Toss in Sexy Nathaniel Carter, Maura Gaines-Mars, Lucas Mars, and Jagger Armstrong, and a couple appearances by the Blackhawks here and there, and you're going to have a read that goes bump in the night.

So, if you haven't ordered it, get it here. If you have preordered, it's on my Kindle, so it should be on yours.

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Have a great weekend.

Oh, and next stop?

You're getting a double dose of Elizabeth Blackhawk the second week of Feb. 1034 pages of fun.

Happy weekend!

In honor of me working on the next Blackhawk book..... Laissez le bon temps rouler!  Let the good times roll!

Much love, mayhem, and murder,