Thursday, April 21, 2016

Another day...

Morning all!

I'm still recovering from back surgery, but I'm popping in to see how everyone is doing! Have you all finished Haven of Nightmares?
I hope you enjoyed it!!!!

I'll be re-reading it the second week of May as I prep for my return from hiatus. I'll be starting my book schedule with Forbidden Secrets.

I can't wait to do that book.

I really enjoyed creating Detective Everhart Rose, and I think he has a lot of story to tell. Not only his, but his adorable daughter Ivy's too. He's going to be one of those men who follows the rules, can't break them, and has to stay within the lines. I haven't figured out who I'm going to make him fall in love with yet, but she's going to have to be his polar opposite.

I'm thinking creative, wild, impulsive.
Hart needs a little levity in his life.

As for the book... I have no clue. I haven't fleshed it out yet in my head.

I'm reading other books in the different series and making notes. I have a lot to do as soon as I return. First, the Littlemoon book. That's my May schedule. Then I have to write the final FBI book of the year. I think it's out in October. I may make this a Halloween themed one, but I'm not quite sure. Then it's on to 2017. Oracle Saving is book three, and it's out in January. After that, I have to do a back to back book write before Thanksgiving for the FBI series. I'm going to do a flashback book where we meet Tony on his first case, and then it's going to flash back to present time for the second book that month to the killer having returned.

Miss Kitty is making her debut in the flashback book. Everyone always asks for more information on Elizabeth as a young agent, and I'm giving you all what you want. Plus, we're still going to see what their new lives are like on the East Coast. Ethan is the Deputy Director, and that's huge. Callen's writing career has taken off, and will he come out of the closet as Jackson James, or will he write behind that name for a while longer. Then there is Elizabeth...

Can the East Coast handle her?

We shall see.

So, get reading, everyone! There is so much more to come. This year there are 12 books being released. Next year, we have 13. No months off for Morgan. She's giving you a book every month and two in Feb.

Wish me luck!

If you haven't left a review for Haven of Nightmares, can you pop on out to amazon and leave one? Unless I have 25 reviews, they won't promote my books. I need your help! Keep me writing! If you love my books, feed an author!!!!

Much love, Mayhem, and Murder,