Sunday, March 31, 2013

Hippity Hop

Happy Overdose on your Kid's Easter Basket Day!

Eggs are hidden, baskets are made and torn into and it's another Sunday,
While you were wrestling your child for the only Cadbury egg, (yeah you!) I was up early working. Nothing like beating your kids out of bed on Easter morning to deal with death.


Today I have a couple of questions from emails that the readers have sent me, so today is going to be question day.
As for books, I'm still working on Celestia's Falling. I have fifty pages left to get through and I'm done! I should wrap it up today and begin my official read through.

Okay, on with the questions, so we can get back to eating chocolate!

I have to ask, do you sit in your PJ's all day and work? If I was a writer I'd live in mine!

Well, interestingly enough, the answer to that is no. I have two kids, and they have doctor appointments, dentist appointments, play dates, sleep overs etc. I live on a quiet street where my neighbors know my real name and not that I kill people for a living, so I do get dressed.
I wish I could sit in my flannel skull PJ's all day.
It just doesn't happen.

Next question!

You say on your blog you get up at 2 am daily to work, but what does your normal day look like?
P. Hart

My alarm goes off at about 2 a.m. I lay there in bed and think 'what the hell? It's time already?'
at about 2:15 I wander down to the keurig and have cup number one.
I read my emails from the night before and check my book related sites.
At about 2:45 I read the news, so I at least know if North Korea is planning on blowing up my house or not.
At 3 a.m. I begin working. If I stopped in the middle of a scene, I have to re-read to the beginning of the chapter and pickup my train of thought.
I work until 7 a.m. 
Coffee break.
My sister drops her kids off to go to work (see... normal un-murder like)
I feed 4 kids breakfast.
Off to the bus.
Home from the bus.
More coffee.
I do the laundry, dishwasher, beds etc. Whatever needs to be done.
Start working.
Coffee break
working again until 3:30 when I get the kids off the bus
Dinner with family
More working
bed time for kids at 8 pm
More working
I outline the next days scenes for the last hour.
In bed by 9 ish or10 at the latest.


If it's a weekend, I sequester myself in my office and work all day, I only stop for coffee. The husband takes over kids Friday when he gets home until Sunday when they go to bed.
On weekends I work 3 a.m. until 6 p.m.
I generally log 30 hours of working on the weekends and 40 hours during the week.

There you go.
That's my day in a nut shell.

Thank you both for the really great questions!
AND the emails!

Keep them coming, or just post something on the blog. I promise I'll get back to you!

Happy Easter!

Much Love, Mayhem and Murder.