Saturday, May 13, 2017

There's some Croft on the horizon!

Happy Mother's Day weekend, all!

I hope all the mothers out there get pampered, loved, and treated like queens. We're having a quiet weekend here. I'm working, and the family is cleaning (It's a miracle) and doing all the things that I normally do.

We shall see how this goes.
Anyway, I'm here to tell you about 2 more pre-orders that are up, and to tell you some good news. Last post, I told you that I wasn't sure if I was going to do anymore crossovers, since the Littlemoon book didn't seem to get any reviews. I assumed that y'all didn't want any.

I stand corrected. You've gone out, left reviews, and gave me great feedback. SO, I'm officially announcing that in March next year, (2018) there will be another crossover. What one will it be? The Croft and FBI.
March 2018
True Justice

Elizabeth and Ethan will be taking a little trip to Vegas to help the Crofts handle some seedy, nasty, and vicious criminals. So, if you love the Crofts, and you love the Blackhawks, it's going to be fun. Since Ethan was left behind last time, Callen is going to stay in DC and hold down the fort. So, for those of you who are squeamish with a threesome, there won't be any in the Croft/Blackhawk crossover.

Now, for the preorders, there are two.

The first is the new Croft Mob Series book, Paid Justice. You're going to get more details on Dimitri and his past. You're also going to meet more of his family, and someone in the Croft Family is going to die.
Yes, I killed someone off.
You'll have to read it to see who is not making it out of the next book.
So, if you want to see what's going on in Vegas, here's the link to the next Croft book. I promise you'll laugh, cry, and curse my name.
(as usual)
Available August 4th

If that weren't enough, because I love you all, (and are a little afraid of you...hahahahh) I've also given you a novella. It's all about the upcoming wedding. Dante and Steele are getting hitched.

Now, some of you have contacted me and voiced your unhappiness about a gay male couple in the book. You don't want the sex scenes. I heard you. While I don't agree, I do like to make all of you happy when you're reading my books. It should be a way to escape, not be angry or upset. So, in order to do that, I've decided not to do the wedding in the actual book, Paid Justice. That way, you, who want the sex scene will have it in the novella.

For those of you who DO NOT want to know anything about it, don't read the novella. It's that simple.

Wedding of Our Dreams won't have too many things that will make you fall behind for the crossover book in 2018. There is only ONE new character introduced, and you will be able to figure it out in the regular book next year.

Now, for those of you who want to read the novella, but just don't want to read the sex scene, I can tell you that the ONLY time that Dante and Steele have sex is ONCE and at the very end of the Novella. You can read the whole thing, meet the new character, and still avoid reading the m/m sex scene.

I've tried to accommodate all of you to refrain from angry review where you're shocked and horrified. There is a warning in the front of the book, in the description and on the cover with the title. Wedding of our Dreams: STEELE and DANTE.

available Aug 5th!

If you're one of my pre-order readers, you can find the novella here. It's about 250 pages long, and it's going to have a whole lot of hilarity, mayhem, and chaos with the family leading up to the wedding. If you're wondering where in Paid Justice the wedding should have taken place, it will be in the end of the book, clearly marked. That way you can stop reading the Croft book, read the novella (if you choose) and then go back to finish the last few pages if you want to read it exactly how it happens chronologically.
If you don't want to stop and read, finish Paid Justice, and then be cognizant that the wedding happened at the end of the book, right before the final scene with Chris and Dimitri.

So, that's what I have for you.
I'm doing my approval for Revenge has Come. It's out next month, and you'll find out what happens to Elizabeth and Ethan, will the family survive, and how Bonnie is really going to screw with their lives.
We'll meet new people (who will have their own trilogy) and new agents. Elizabeth loves her baby birds.
If you haven't pre-ordered, you can find it here.

Available June 2cd.

Also, some of you have asked how to get added to my email list. Why is it important? Because at some point this year, and I already know when, I'll be releasing a surprise anthology. If you're not on my email list, you won't know when it's available.
Plus, there will be other secret things that go out that way too. It's easy to join, and your email is safely protected by me. No one has it, and no one sees it. In fact, I don't even see it. All I know is the company I use swears they protect everyone's emails.
So, here's the link.

It's fast, simple, and you'll only get emails from me when there's a book coming out or up for preorder. Plus, in honor of my 50th novel being released next month, one lucky email participant will receive a surprise gift from me for being on my email and leaving a review.
So, if you've left a review for The Killing Times, and you're on my email list, you are automatically entered for the drawing. A winner will be chosen, and they will be contacted by me personal. They will be asked to show a screen shot of the Killing Times review, and once they do, they will get a special gift that NO ONE will ever have access to, and I'll tell you more later.
Trust me. I would kill for this gift.

So, if you haven't left a review for the Killing Times, please do. If you haven't signed up for my emails, please do. There will be an email explaining what you will be receiving. It will be custom made for you. :)

Thank you for everything!
You are the best fans, and I love you all!

Happy weekend, all.
If you have a her. Childbirth sucks. and she deserves at least a call. 

Much love, mayhem, and murder,

Momma of two little angels.