Saturday, November 16, 2013

Happy Weekend!

Hi all! I hope you're having a really great day. I am! I know saying this is likely to jinx me, but I'm actually a head of schedule for the month. Yeah, I said it. May the schedule Gods have mercy on my soul.
I got some really great emails this week, but one that I loved so much that I'm going to bring it up here. Thank you, Leta for your email. I seriously was so glad to get it. I love when my readers contact me (YES, I answer each one myself. They come right to my phone instantly.) Thank you for your comments and your sweet words. I appreciate them.

I'm about halfway through the detail adding for Consumed by Wrath, and I have to say that I love it. I've cried, I've laughed, and I've honestly found myself enthralled with the audacity of Elizabeth. I think she's thrown out some hysterical one liners in this book, and I can't wait to have you read them. As usual, Lyzee is up to her old antics.

Thank God! Almost losing Ethan rattled them all...

Also, the newest version of Deep Dark Mire (book 4) should be available this weekend. I just sent it over ten minutes ago for upload. So, if you want to newest version, it's clean and ready!

Since I have some time, I thought I could post some of the questions that I received this week. It's been a while, and I figure it's time.

I went to go buy your vamp series and it's not available. What happened? Please tell me that it's as spicy as your FBI series. I'm dying to read it.

Yeah, the vampyre series was pulled.
Here's the story behind it. When I was just starting out, I was with a publishing company for my first three books. The Junction, Serial Sins and The Blood Betrayal. I wasn't happy with them, but I signed a contract where they owned my books for 7 years. That's why you can go out to amazon and see books that you can't buy, or books that are ridiculously overpriced.

Someone got angry and I was slammed by a reviewer because she purchased the three vampyre E-books, but when she went to buy the paperback version of book one, it was out of print. (Why she bought books 2-4 without seeing if book 1 was available, I'll never understand...) The ONLY copy available was by an independent seller, who was asking 228.00 for it. So, she got mad at me. Only, I have nothing to do with it. If the publisher who owns that book decides to cancel it, I can't do anything about it. I don't make any money from the person(s) selling used copies of my books, and I can't control the price they set.

SO, until I own the first book in the series (It's coming soon- 2014) I pulled the rest of the books. You'll see them popping back up, once I can offer all of them to my readers. They will have new names and new titles, so be ready!

As to the spicy quotient in that series. If that was your way of asking if there is a threesome, the answer is yes. The vampyres are a lot more free wheeling (as is Elizabeth, apparently) There are threesomes, but not in the first book. In fact, it doesn't happen until the second one. So, if you just like a good vampyre mystery but are squeamish with the ménage element, you can read book one and stop there. If you aren't freaked out with the sex scenes, there will be 10 books in that series for you to enjoy. Up to book 6 is complete and the releases will start up in 2014. I just don't have the dates quite yet. (Stay tuned for that...)

I heard a rumor that you're putting out so many books next year because you're planning to retire. Are you ending your series?
Please say no!

Yeah, that's really not true, so NO! I don't know where you heard that, but I'm not retiring. I'm still young and in my thirties. (Okay, I'll be 40 in January) I have no intention of calling it quits or ending a series. I have a 'Sinner' trilogy that only has three books, and the vampyre series is only slotted for 10, but other than that, the others will run as long as I have people interested in reading them. I'm not saying I'll keep them going indefinitely, but I promise that there's no end in sight. I have a lot of Elizabeth angst still left in me, and Emma and Tori just got their stories.
Fear not, there is more coming.

I'm sure you get this a lot, but do you really write the books in real time or do you have a stockpile to pull them from?

Right now, the ONLY books that are completed are Consumed by Wrath (book 8), Blood Red Rage (book 1), Lost & Broken (book 2), Sinner Repent (book 1), and the first six vampyre books (Because they were already released)  I generally try to have a book done 3-5 months before it gets to the reader. There's two rounds of my read through, detailing, and now an editor and proofer. So, that takes time, two weeks per cycle. It adds up. My books are pretty much done up to June next year with the exception of the Croft & Croft book, Love is Bleeding (book 4). I plan on starting that January 1 for an April release. I wish I had a stockpile, so I can sleep in on a weekend! Thus the reason I have been up since two a.m.)

I haven't forgotten about the photos from my trip, I'm just waiting for my husband to email them to me. Fear not, they are coming!

Back to work!
I have cookies to bake for Turkey day and a Turducken to plan. Be safe this weekend, and don't forget to get your murder on!

Much Love, Mayhem and Murder,