Croft & Croft Series

Welcome to my Croft & Croft series! If you love suspense and a straight romance, this is the series for you! You'll get to fall in love with Emma and her caveman husband, Greyson Croft. He's possessive and over the edge, but what girl doesn't want to be the center of some man's world?

Book one

Book two

Book three

Book four

Book five ~ January 2015

Book six ~ September 2015

The final Croft & Croft book

Don't worry, the series is spinning off into the Justice series. There will be new characters, new people to fall in love with, and so much more murder and mayhem. 
Only...with a twist. 


  1. Hi Morgan
    Croft and Croft have read all three , love the caveman and his lady Emma it is an exciting ride full of twist and turns then you have the other characters Curtis with his super sense of humour and Brynn will they or wont they stay together Paris and Tessa yes I hope they make it .
    Hope we don’t lose Curtis like this cute guy will he find love again.

    1. Marie,
      He's going to get the girl :) In fact, in the next book, Heaven is weeping, you'll see who he ends up with :)

      *Wink Wink*

      Keep reading, and if you haven't already, leave reviews on amazon so I can keep writing!!!!!



  2. Morgan,

    Please tell me Curtis and Greyson's relationship is not over....I was almost in tears at the end of the last book. I love their fun father/son relationship

    1. Lisa,
      It's not over. You'll see what happens in the next book, Hell is Burning. I don't often do cliffhangers, because i loathe them, but the story was so big, I couldn't do it all in one book!

      So, fear not!
      There's a bumpy road ahead, but family is more than blood. ;)



      Don't forget to leave reviews!!!!!

  3. Morgan,

    I just completed Hell is Burning it was awesome!!! I was ok with killing off Bren. Please in the next book don't kill off any more main players. I love all of your books and would be sad if you took any of the Croft's family away.....

    1. Lisa,
      I can't make that promise, as i haven't written the last book yet. They write themselves :) I start writing next week, and I'm not planning on taking out anyone else. All the remaining characters are moving on to the next series ;)
      There is only one up in the air.

      I'm so glad you loved it! If you haven't left a review, can you pop over to amazon and drop one for me? I need reviews to keep doing what I do. :)

      Much love,