Sunday, August 11, 2013

Devil Hath Come...

I'm happy to report that I managed to get everything done with Devil Hath Come before I leave for vacation. It's been edited and proofed thoroughly and going for it's read through to find any little mistakes.
I've revamped the process to cut down on missing errors in the books before they become released, so I'm hoping that this makes the entire thing less difficult and time consuming. We've added another proofreader to the process to put another set of eyes on the book. Team Morgan Kelley is slowly growing!
Let's hope it works!

I got some great emails the last two days. Thank you all for sending them to me!

Here's a few;

I've been reading your books. I have just finished reading Fire Burns Hot. I really enjoy the books wasn't sure about the threesome between Ethan, Elizabeth and Callen. I love reading about them. Also Julian and Tori. I hope the woman M.E. doesn't come back and ruin things.

Oh, don't you worry, Coleen. I took care of Desdemona.... Julian and Tori will have their own series next year. I promise...

 Ms. Kelley,
When are the next books coming out? I'm addicted! I love Greyson. I may want to marry his brother myself!

Jessica, Devil Hath Come (Book 7) will be released on October 1st.
I was going to release it on October 15th, but I want a full month before Halloween.
Next will be Christmas is Killing (book 3) in the Croft & Croft series. It's going to be released on or around November 1st.
Once that one is out, I'll begin writing Consumed by Wrath (book 8) of the FBI/Romance series and Love is Bleeding (book 4) of the Croft & Croft series. I may also toss in a Julian and Tori book too. It depends on my schedule and the holidays.

Last year, I worked through Christmas. In fact, I was just finishing True Love Lost on Christmas Eve, right before I was walking out the door to see family.
I won't be doing that this year. I'm taking the week before Christmas and after off to just be a mom.

What upsets you most when you get a negative review? I saw some pretty mean ones out there.
I think people are taking it way too serious.

The threesome slamming doesn't really bother me. I'm okay with people not wanting to read books that make them uncomfortable. I think what upsets me about that is when they tell me I 'ruined Elizabeth and Ethan' for them. No, they ruined it for themselves by taking it too serious. This is fiction, and the characters don't really exist. So, how can I ruin their lives? I give everyone fair warning that the FBI/Romance series is going to have a threesome in it. Each book is tagged appropriately, so if people are clueless and don't read the book description, well, that's on them. Not me.
You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make them drink.
My job is to make the reader have fun, think and live in a fantasy for a short period of time. If I bend the rules every once and a while when it comes to FBI procedures, well, I can. It's fiction. FBI West doesn't really exist.
I write fiction, not true crime...

I guess what really bothers me is the editing comments, because no matter how many times a team goes through it, there's going to be mistakes. I've read Nora Roberts books with errors in it. (Specifically JD ROBB books.) and she goes through a MAJOR publisher.
I would love to pay someone thousands of dollars to edit my books to perfection, but then I have to charge 14.99 a book. Who is that going to hurt?
The Reader.
There are always going to be critics, and if the missing comma or the misused word bothers you, then close the book and find a new author. (Yes, that sounds bitchy, but like Lyzee, I call it how I see it.) We're all trying our best, and I put out 10 books since last September, at 500 pages and 180,000 words each. That's 5000 pages and 1.8 million words. Most authors put out 3 max a year and they are 300 page books.
I love to make everyone happy, but that's not always possible.
For now, we're working on cleaning up the books that are out and making sure that the new ones are as close to perfect as we can get them.

Okay, back to work. I have a million things to do before hiatus begins! It's almost beach time!


Much Love, Mayhem and Murder,