Littlemoon Investigations Series

Welcome to my Littlemoon Investigations series! It's a little mystery and a whole lot of fun. Each book will have some paranormal thrown in. From psychics to ghosts that go bump in the night! They'll also have the characters that you fell in love with too!
So get ready! They're coming soon!

Book One January 2014

Book Two June 2014

Book Three 2015

Available October 2015

Spring 2016

Fall 2016

Spring 2017 

Fall 2017

Book 9
April 2018

Book 10
Sept 2018

Book 11
April 2019

Book 12 
Threat of Exposure
Cover not done
Book available 
Sept 2019

Rage of Love
Book 13 
Valentine's Day 2020

Sacred Truth 
May 2020


Blood Moon Rising 
Sept 2020


  1. Hi Morgan Happy New Year,
    Blood Red Rage another great read love the Native American theme meeting old friends again and starting a new journey as usual the plot is again clever and we meet Vivian a detective with special powers, like the psychic twist and happiness for Justin.
    Yes another successful and really enjoyable read liked the parts where you mention my favourite threesome Elizabeth Ethan and Callan , looking forward to the next book .

  2. Marie,

    I love how my series are all tied together. Somewhere, there will be a mega novel with all the characters coming back together. I just need a really, super evil bad guy. :)

    Keep reading.
    I love hearing from you!