Friday, August 4, 2017


So, here's the deal.

Atonement has been added to an Amazon contest. Pentopublish2017. It's going to be up against other books, and has to be judged by three NYT bestselling authors, a publishing house executive, and also by another Amazon Bestselling author.
In order for me to be a finalist (and win) there are a few things I have to have happen.

1. The judges have to like it. (I think i'm good with this)
2. The pre-orders and sales have to be really good. (Not worried about this either)
3. It needs to rock out the reviews when it's released. (HERE IS MY FEAR)

I know I bitch and moan, beg and plead, and try to get you to leave reviews for the books, but I'm coming to you to really beg.


When this book releases on November 3, I need ALL OF YOU. (yes, you!) to read it and leave a review. If there has ever been one book that I need you to review for me, it is THIS ONE. This is the one that counts the most to me. If I'm going to let some NYT writers tear me apart, and then take all that possible humiliation, I need you all to have my back.

So, tomorrow we go up for pre-order.
Please, if you loved my books, this will be the one where y'all save my ass.

Do it for Elizabeth.

Do it for me.

Much love, mayhem, and murder,


Help me with this one!!!!! 
I need your help. 



Today Paid Justice is available!

Have a good reading weekend! 

Don't forget that tomorrow is release day too! 
You get two book babies this month!!!

Much love, mayhem, and murder,