Monday, January 27, 2014

Monday once more...

Hi all! My book covers for the Carter Chronicles trilogy are done! Thank you, Laura Gordon for getting them finished so fast!

I love them!

I also uploaded them for all of you to see! Go to the tab for the Carter Chronicles and check them out!
I hope you all love the first book! It's coming soon! March! YAY! I can't wait for you all to get the back story on Doctor Callista Carter-Gaines. You'll recall her from Consumed by Wrath, as Ethan's doctor.

Speaking of Consumed by Wrath, I've received a few emails addressing the Valentine's Day sex scene, you know the part... Specifically, Callen's fantasy. A few of my readers were concerned that maybe him being burned as a child by his mother's boyfriend would turn him off to something like hot wax.
I absolutely see where you are heading with that, and I went there too when I wrote that scene. I will say that I mulled it over, pondered it, and worried if it would come across as the opposite of what I  wanted.
Well, I ended up going with the hot wax, despite all of my worries. Why? It's a bridge to the next book, Redemption is Here. In that book, we're going to learn more about Callen's abuse, what secrets he's carrying and possibly meet the man responsible for hurting him as a child.
When you're abused as a child, you carry life long scars, and Callen is no different. Please don't worry. I don't plan on reverting him back to 'whiny' Callen, but Elizabeth deserves to know what lives inside him, even if she already suspects it.
Callen was at ease with his sexual fantasy because he trusted Elizabeth with it. I think that for this book, you'll just have to start there and know it'll be addressed down the road.

So, bear with me.

Once more, I want to thank you for your reviews on Amazon and Goodreads. If I want to be able to offer pre-order books on amazon, I need to get as many reviews as possible. They need to see my loyal fans following along, so if you haven't reviewed all the books, please do!
You could be the one person that makes the difference for another reader on the fence!

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