Monday, August 26, 2013

Questions for me...

Morning all!

Sorry that I've been slow to reply to emails. Where i'm at, there isn't really great cell service, and I don't have Wi-Fi. (I know...)

I have been getting more and more emails lately and by some miracle of the writing Gods, they've all been good... (I've just jinxed myself.)

Okay, let's kick this day off with a fun one!

Hi Morgan – well I have read all 6 books now in 5 weeks so what am I going to do now!!!  ;(o
I love them – Elizabeth, Ethan & Callen work so well, not seedy as I would have initially thought had some one said I would read a book that included a three way relationship but genuine feelings of love between them. I can identify with a lot of the feelings Elizabeth has, especially when Callen went off to collect his daughter and Elizabeth was frightened he had forsaken her. Loyalty in a relationship is so very important to me.
I feel quite bereft that I have nothing to fill my time. Saying that of course I have been sat here reading instead of doing my boring chores, so I now have to catch up with them!!!!
I guess that I’ll have to try your Croft & Croft Romance Adventure  Can’t wait until Halloween tho’.

 Please, please, please don’t ever stop writing the Blackhawks series – Long live the Blackhawks!!!!

 One thing I am intrigued about is the closeness of the publication dates do you really write them at quickly or was it a deliberate ploy to stock pile them and release them at short intervals


Hi back at you, Pam.

I picked this email for the blog due to the first line. (The not seedy part.) I am a firm believer, that if you can get past the initial shock of the threesome, then you'll find an amazing love story in it's wake. I can't tell you how many emails that I get like this. I know that Deep Dark Mire scared quite a few people, but there has to be that emotional rollercoaster in a book to make it a good read. I truly believe that without that element, the books would just be another duplicate romance. I like to stand out and get your attention, and that catalyst did it.
Once past it, you find that the three are madly in love with each other. In theory, it shouldn't work, but again, love conquers all and bridges them together.
Moral of the story, if you read up to book 4, and then go to amazon for spoilers or to find out what happens, and then quit because of what you read there, YOU WILL shortchange yourself on an emotional read that is full of love.
Be open minded and don't judge the book by it's reviews.


As for the length of the series, I'm contemplating an end book. I would like to run it forever, but really, it needs more reviews that sing of it's praises and less of it's perceived flaws (the threesome). As of right now, I have up to book ten plotted out in my head. So, there will be at least that many more. You've got 1 more year of the Blackhawks to go, and then, it's up in the air. (If you want more books, leave some love on Amazon in the form of reviews. More positive reviews means the publisher will want more books put out and I'll keep writing.)

Okay, now to address the publication dates. As my team will attest, I have no books stockpiled. (The vampyre series I do have three more written, but they are shorter reads) It takes me 10 days to write a book if I do 16 hour days. Now, for the first in the Littlemoon series, I've only been writing 2 chapters a day. It will take me 20 days (approx.), but I am on vacation.  I write a book and then add more details, it then get's a first read through and heads off to be edited and proofed. While that is happening, I generally am working on another book. It's done in tandem to keep the books coming.

I began writing The Killing Times in July last year, it was released in September, and each book was written 2 months before release. In fact, I was working up until Christmas Even on True Love Lost.
I can't say there will be 6 FBI books next year, since I'm now balancing a few series. I just don't think I can pull off that kind of miracle. So, I'm looking at 2-3 FBI books next year, and 2-3 Croft books, and 2 Littlemoon ones. I also have a new series breaking in 2015 that may only be a trilogy, or it may be more. Again, it's FBI related, since that's my comfort zone.

Here's the projected schedule (it may change)

January - Blood Red Rage (book 1) Littlemoon series

February- Consumed by Wrath (book 8) FBI series

April- Love is Bleeding (book 4) Croft & Croft series

June- Lost & Broken (book 2) Littlemoon series

August - FBI Series, (book 9) title unknown

October- Croft & Croft series title unknown (book 5)

December- FBI Series (book 10) title unknown.

I hope this answered your question, Pam. (I also emailed you back!)

Only time for one more question today, and then I have to get my hiatus on! I will post more through this week when I can, and when I have internet access.

I love your books and I have to admit the threesome freaked me out a little, but after reading all the books, I admit that they were great. BUT, I love the Croft & Croft series more. Greyson is definitely an alpha male and yummy! Here's my inquiry. Why don't you describe your characters in more detail? Is it on purpose?

Morning, Megan. I completely understand the freak out, and thank you for following through and trusting it! I'm pleased that you had the courage to read on!
I personally love Greyson too. I never divulge if I have a favorite series, but he's up there with my all time favorite characters.
Who doesn't love a strong, sexy man that takes care of his woman????

As to the character description. I don't overdo it, because in my mind, sexy may be one thing, and in your another. So, I allow you the reader to visualize the characters your way. That's why I don't put pictures of people on my books. My Elizabeth may be different from yours, and the same with Emma and now Tori.
I want you to use your imagination. I don't heavily bury the story in details. Tammy and I have had this discussion many times, where she wants to know more about a dress, or lingerie and I don't do it. I just think that my readers are able to picture in their minds a slinky green dress. I don't need to describe it too much.
So, I guess you can say it's on purpose and my style of writing.
PLUS, if I detailed everything to death, the books would be 800 pages! That's a whole lot of words!!!

Okay all, I'm off to get my run in, and then spend time with my kids. .
This is my vacation!
I need coffee and some sun!

Have a great day and thank you for the emails and reviews on amazon! If you haven't left one for the series, please post one! I want all the people out there to get a different perspective on the books!

Much love, Mayhem and Murder,