Sunday, June 23, 2013

Happy Weekend!

Hello all!

I am so sorry I've been MIA. It's crazy chaos here in Morgan-ville. You know how everything hits at once? Well, it has.
Tammy is proofing Vegas is Dying (book 2) in the Croft & Croft series.
Christmas is Killing (book 3) is ready to be cleaned up for editing and proofing in August.
I'm prepping to start writing Devil Hath Come (book 7) in the FBI/Romance series- Tomorrow.
Then I have to clean the last two up in order to give my BFF something to do while I'm at Myrtle beach for summer hiatus.

I'm starting to mix up characters.
My brain is like a can of alphabet soup.

Then there was the explosion of my books on amazon. HOLY CRAP! You are all the best. Yes, there's been some good review and particularly one bad one.
So, If you haven't reviewed the book yet (and have read them) please head on out to counter act that one star review she left me on Amazon.
Ouch! I know!!!!
Anyway, I want to tell you all I adore each and everyone of you so much! You've made me one of Amazon's top 100 authors. Currently, I'm number 38 for e-books and 43 in paperbacks.
THEN if that wasn't spectacular enough, I'm also proud to say that The Killing Times (1) is ranked number 67 in the romantic suspense category!

Thank you all!

I'll be writing the next Elizabeth book this week, so i'll be back in hiding!

Much Love, Mayhem and Murder,