Sunday, June 8, 2014

Happy Sunday!

Hello all!

I know it's been a while since I've popped in, but there's good reason!
I'm in the mad dash to get you some more books!
Summer is here, and while some of you are kicking back, relaxing and getting in some down time, I'm in full swing. As a writer, this is my busy season. Unfortunately, it also falls at the same time the kids are out of school.
So, I can work, take care of my children and blog or shower. My husband insists on the latter. hahahhahaha

Anyway, what's going on in Morgan's world?
First, I've just finished the final read through on the sex anthology, Illegal Fantasies ~ Behind Closed Doors. It's ready to go in august. All I have to do is push a button and it's all yours. It's not a full book, but ten sexy stories that will give you answers to some of your questions. (224 pages to be exact!)  (Like if Lyzee gets to ravage the savage, or what's with the armor in Jolie's main foyer)
Plus, you'll get more in-depth sex. None of these stories have a mystery behind them, but are instead pure unadulterated erotica, just with your favorite characters.
They made me flush compiling them, so I hope you break out in a sweat too... (the good kind :P )

I'm also releasing two vampyre books back to back. AS IN THREE DAYS APART. That's right. You read that correctly. They aren't skimpy chapter novels either. We're talking full on super novels. 150,000 words each and around 450 pages each. So, in a matter of three days, you can start Dangerous Revelations and when you're finished, you can roll right into Dangerous Choices.
I've found that when people tell me that's crazy and can't be done, I try that much harder. My team worked hard on getting these books out back to back, so you'll get some vampyre fun!
They will be out around July 18th and July 21st. Then, you can read your hearts out!
I love Jolie Harcourte. She's a little bit doctor, a lot vampyre, and the perfect heroine. Now, here's your warning...
Book 1 ~ Dangerous Revelations will not have any threesomes. In book two, you'll see her vampyre mate and human mate join her in some sexy fun, while they try and solve an undead mystery.
For those of you who are squeamish when it comes to threesomes, they aren't brothers. They aren't related, and they aren't Ethan and Callen. Jacques has been her guardian for six hundred years, and Flynn Brogan is the detective who figures out their secret.
Then, the fun begins :)

I hope you enjoy them. Every year for the next 4 years, there will be two books released back to back in the summer. I know, while i'm on the beach, I love a good vampyre story. It's fun and that's what summer is all about!

Now, what else is up? Oh, how about another FBI book? I've already sent Redemption is Here (book 9) off to editing. You're going to see Callen, Elizabeth, and Ethan in action in September. They have some mummies to dig up, and Doctor Tony Magnus gets his story. You're going to meet his girl.
Yeah, good times are ahead, my friends....
I love this book.
So much, that it's going to continue right into the following FBI book, Dead Shall Speak (book 10). Oh, don't worry, no cliff hangers, but I couldn't tell all of Tony's story in one book. He's too deep a character, plus his babe is too. Doctor Jaxon Armstrong has a past that's going to come alive...
That's all I can say :) *wink wink*
So, mid September, be ready. Another FBI book is on its way.

Summer is crazy here! I hope you'll join me for the fun!

I'll try and pop in again in a couple of days!
I uploaded some new covers.... check them out at the top of my blog in the tabs!

Enjoy the sun!
And like Jolie Harcourte would say... "Don't forget the sunblock!"

Much Love, Mayhem, and Murder,