Sunday, April 12, 2015


Happy Sunday!

It's a gorgeous day here in NE Pa, and I already took a walk and got in some sun. I hope you're doing the same!
This week is a read week for me. I'm brushing up on the Littlemoon books this week, and I'll be starting the fourth book in the series later in the week. I can't wait to write it. We're going to getting to know Beau Christensen and meeting his babe.
Plus, I left you all hanging with the end of Unthinkable games. I have to make a decision regarding that :)

You know me. I like to make you all gasp and then grab the tissues.
(There's your warning.)

I received some great reviews and emails this week, and I decided to take the time to answer some of your questions. I know I've been slacking on blogging. 11 books a year is a tough schedule with all the editing, reviewing, and releasing.

I'm a bad blogger!

Here goes:

I love your books, but I'm dying to find out about Gabe and Livy. Will they have a book?

I get asked this question ALOT!
Yes, they are getting their book. After this Christmas, I'll be releasing a mega book. It's going to be in two parts, the first a novella from Elizabeth's past. You'll find out how Gabe and Livy met, you'll see Elizabeth before Ethan, and even see how close they come to meeting before Salem. Fate definitely wanted them together. The book is going to be about 200-250 pages, and take place in the past. THEN two days later, you'll be getting the present book. You'll see how Elizabeth, Gabe, and Livy's actions caused trouble in their present.

I was going to release it as an 800 page book, but with editing, covers, and the cost it would be for a paperback, I didn't want to screw over any of my non-e book readers. An 800 page book is pricy. So, you can read the prequel story, find out the past, and then two days later blow right into the present day novel. That way I can keep my prices down. You all know I don't ever charge more than 3.99 for a 600 page book. I won't ever screw my readers over like that.

So, around valentine's day, you'll have two more FBI books coming out. Next year is going to be a big book year!

You're not running the Sinner series anymore? Why?

Well, that's another question i get. The series was always meant to be a trilogy. It was supposed to be about Callie, Nate, and Luke. They're like siblings and the stories were supposed to be short and sweet.
THEN i created Maura, Quinn, and Avalon. They took on a life of their own. Thus the Oracle series coming out next year. I couldn't end them. They still had so much more story to tell. Nate finds love, but can't have her. Luke finds a woman who can finally best him and kick his ass, an Quinn forever has to deal with his anger issues and the stresses of having a strong willed woman.

So, in 2016, you'll have the Oracle series; The phoenix files. They'll be helping people who need it most, and all of these cases will be paranormal. Like Avalon, they will all have gifts. These people will be hunted by evil, and need a special team to covertly save them.

Technically, they won't be ending. :) YAY!

I just saw you're ending the Croft series! NOOOOOOOO!

LOL. Yeah, I'm ending it, but not how you think. It's going to go a darker more vigilante route than it is now. With Greyson in the FBI, and Emma a cop, they can't save everyone. There are laws in place, and that makes it harder. By now, if you read Heaven is Weeping, you know that at the end of the book, they come into a lot of money. How will they use it? What happens when lines are crossed, and you're no longer able to follow the letter of the law?

So, Greyson and Emma will be having a new journey. I promise it'll be similar, but with a twist. There will be some characters not crossing over into it, so get out the tissues. Times change, and fate already has written their path.

That's all I have time for today! I have some reading to do! Happy Sunday!

Thank you for your questions! If you have more, email them to me, and I'll post them here!
Or if you have a comment or just want to say hi! Feel free! I personally answer all my emails!

If you haven't left reviews for the books you've read, can you please? Amazon is making it harder and harder for independent authors, and promoting less and less unless you have lots of reviews. I would really appreciate it! They don't have to be long or elaborate! I swear !

Thank you all for reading my books!
Send me your questions, and I'll be posting them here!!!

Much love, mayhem, and murder,