Friday, September 20, 2013

Devil Hath Come

Morning all!

Just an update on the new release. It was scheduled for Oct 1st, and I have been desperately trying to get it out early, but I'm not 100 % sure that will be happening.
During my final approval, I found a few issues that needed to be addressed. The book has been sent back to the team to do another read through.

What that means is, the book is likely to just make the release date and not likely earlier. I had hoped to have it out by Monday next week, but instead if there is a miracle, it may make it by the 28th, at the earliest. I really want this book to be perfect, and I'm nitpicking every little thing that I find. I want to give you, the reader, the best experience as possible.
In the process, I'm making myself and everyone else a neurotic mess.
My bad....

Anyway, I'll be buried in work this entire weekend, so send me your emails and questions. I will be posting them online with answers.
I've gotten some really good ones, and I can't wait to share!

I hope you enjoy it, and fall in love with Christopher and Cyra as their romance begins. Their love story will be continuing in the next book, Consumed by Wrath (book 8). That one will be released sometime around Valentine's Day.

Have a great day!

Much Love, Mayhem and Murder,