Monday, November 23, 2015

Past will Haunt and Choices will Destroy

It's another Monday in Morganville.
As I was just getting started with work for the day, I received an email alerting me to two more books that are up for preorder. Books 13 and 14 of the FBI series are finished and going to be available in February.
You'll be able to reserve your copy for some Valentine's Day fun! They release Feb 11 and 12th. I am so excited for you to read this part of their story. Book 13, Past will Haunt is going back in time to when Elizabeth first starts out as a Fed. You'll get Gabe and Livy's story, or the beginning of it.

Then you'll flash back to the present day and get to see the ramifications of breaking the rules. When that line is crossed, seldom can you avoid the consequences. In book 14, Choices will Destroy, you'll see how even our most beloved heroine and heroes have to pay for their sins. 
No one is above the law. 

So, if you're interested, and curious about what big changes are coming, here are the two links to the Amazon pages where you can reserve your copies. 
I hope you love them!!!!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday, my American Friends, and as always, thank you for being awesome fans! Don't forget to leave a review for Slay Bells Ring, Hell is Burning, or Truth is Found! Feed an author! 

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