Monday, January 9, 2017

Something new!


Happy Monday!

How are you all doing? Are you just about finished with Oracle Saving?
Well, if you are, something new is about to go down. On Sunday, January 15th, the first ever Morgan's Book Club is going to kick off.

Our book, Oracle Saving.

Has Morgan lost her mind?
I've decided that anymore, after a release of a book, that month, you'll get a chance to log into facebook and have a real time chat with me about what you've read. We'll discuss the story, what you think should have happened, what you think I should do next, or just ask me random questions.

It'll be new, different, and give you a chance to get to know me. Time is to be released, but I'm aiming for noon Eastern Standard time, since that's a mid point here and in Europe. I'll give a definite time later this week when I'm one hundred percent sure.

There's a couple of catches.

1. You don't want to come if you HAVEN'T read Oracle Saving. There will be spoiler discussions, and that will ruin it for you.

2. You have to come to my FB page. Not my personal one, but the business one. Here's a link to it. If you like it, and make sure you're following me, you'll have access to the video.

So, click like.
Then Click following. If you hit the drop down arrow, inside there will be choices. One will say

ON (Suggested Live videos) 

That will alert you when I'm going live.

So, if you want to join my book club, come back here for the time, and we'll have some fun!
If possible, in the comment section below, type 'I'm in!' so I know to wait for you, or drop me a message on my FB page.

I look forward to seeing you!
Get ready to get your Oracle on.

Much love, mayhem, and murder,