Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Back to work!

Morning from Morganville. It's a sunny day here and I'm just prepping for the rest of my day. I had some issues with the kindle version of Fire Burns Hot yesterday. For some reason, Kindle formatting isn't doing what it's supposed to, and the chapters are not starting on full pages. After spending five hours trying to get them to line up, I've sent numerous emails, etc. I had to let it go, so here and now I'll apologize that the start of each chapter isn't on it's own page.


I really tried to make it look as clean as possible, but after butting my head against the publishing wall numerous times, I had to just let it go.
AND breathe.

Onto better news...
Celestia's Falling is off at the proofer getting her makeover, and today I'm neck deep in Darkness of Truth (book 6). Once the kids are off on the bus, I'll be shutting down my phone and getting down and dirty with Elizabeth, Ethan, Callen, Tori and Julian.
In darkness of Truth, we're encountering skinwalkers, and I'm taking it back to my Native roots and going hardcore American Indian- even on the Rez.
Since the book is already written and currently at 460 pages and 152,000+ words, I'm just adding the fine details and cleaning it up. This one should hit 500 pages easily.

After that project, I'm going to be writing Vegas is Dying (book 2) in the Croft & Croft adventures. Thanks to Tammy last night, I can say it's going to involve Showgirls and some gruesome murder. I can't wait to see how Special Agent Greyson Croft and his new wife Detective Emma Starling-Croft handle it. I hope I don't gross you all out too much!
*wink wink*

Once I finish Vegas is Dying, I'll be writing Home Sweet Evil (book seven). This is the one where we find out who in the family dies. I'm still getting random emails trying to bribe me and beg me not to kill Callen or Ethan off...
My lips are sealed, Darlin'.

I'll also be writing Stolen by Moonlight (book 1), featuring Tori and Julian. That was going to be my last book for the year, but I opted to toss in a Christmas book in the Croft & Croft series too. I believe it's going to be called, Christmas is Killing  (book 3). As it stands, I'm aiming to have it done for December, so I have to have it written by September. Once November gets here, I've promised Tammy no work through Thanksgiving until New Years for her. I'll be writing, but she's on hiatus.

As you can see, that's three full novels I need to have completed by September. 600,000 words and 1500 pages written, in order to assure I stay on deadline. Let's toss in there that I'm going to be on vacation most of September. (That's when I'll make Tammy work in the word mines toiling away!)
*evil laughter*

I hope I can deliver!

Thank you all for your emails and comments! I'll be featuring a few later this week!
Off to work!
Hi Ho, Hi Ho....

Much Love, Mayhem and Murder.