Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Hi all!
Preparing for the next winter storm to hit. Gotta love winter...
It's been a busy couple of days here, so I apologize for not blogging sooner. I'm in the midst of balancing a few books still, cramming to get them all to the editor and proofer before I get backlogged.
I'm happy to say that I have Sinner Repent on my desk waiting for the final read through. Dangerous Revelations (book 1) In the Harcourte Vampyre society has been shipped for a final read through and should be here by Monday.
On top of that, I just sent the first twenty three chapters of Lost & Broken to editing and as they come back one chapter at a time, they go off to proofing.
Friday I begin adding details to Love is Bleeding ,and finish up the last four stories in the anthology, Illegal Fantasies~ Behind Closed Doors.
I start writing the next FBI book, Redemption is Here. Now, if you've finished Consumed by Wrath, then you know we're going to be dealing with mummies. Yes, you read that right! How you ask?
Well, all I can tell you is that in the beginning of this book, we're going to see more of Callen and Elizabeth, only because he was a little neglected in book 8. He needs his Lyzee time, and that's going to be one of the focuses.
Oh, don't worry! Ethan will be there too, but the first couple of chapters its Callen and Lyzee flying solo. I have some things to work on with their relationship. We're going deep into his past to answer some questions that I get emailed to me.

Like this one...

Oh, my God! I just finished Consumed by Wrath, and it was unbelievable. I wept, I laughed, and I couldn't believe that it flew by. How are you going to top it? I did have one question. Callen and hot wax... why did you go there?

You're not the only person to ask me that. A couple readers pointed out that because Callen was burned as a child, he may not be turned on by hot wax. We'll I definitely see your point, and I did mull this around a while. Unfortunately, I went with the wax for a few reasons. What I wanted to do was a little too Xrated, and some of my readers are maxed out with the sex scenes, so I had to keep them in mind. Next, I wanted to bring everyone's attention to the situation. In the next book, we're going to go deeper into his pain and childhood. We know his mother was a waste, but we're going to find how horrible she really was.
It's going to bring to light what lives in Callen, and why he sometimes is so afraid.
BUT don't worry. Weak, whiny Callen isn't coming back. He's just going to open up to the woman he loves, and let her heal him even more.

I've read on some other blogs that you're going to publish erotica. Really? Isn't that going to be hard when your really good at fleshing out a deep storyline?

Actually, it's not. These are little snippets that may have appeared in a story. In each book, I like to give you a look into their personal lives, like Christmas morning, a party, etc. With Native Dalliance, the first story in the anthology, we see Ethan, Callen and Elizabeth at their finest. Often, I mention 'ravage the savage' being Lyzee's biggest fantasy. BUT what happens if the men in her life decide to reverse the tables?
What if, they decide to give Elizabeth a night she won't ever forget.

Then, there's Emma's HS reunion. Greyson takes her back east, but they find that you can't always go home and be comfortable with it, especially if you're a caveman with a smoking hot cave babe. So, for readers who know the stories, the anthology will be like icing on the cake. For people who just pick it up as erotica shorts, they'll still enjoy them, but won't truly appreciate it unless they research who all these characters are.

On Facebook, I saw that you were thinking of ending the FBI series! WHY???

Well, that's not entirely correct. I said that if the reviews didn't pick up, I may have to end it. I can only carry so many series. Right now I have 4 series and one trilogy. It's a lot of work to balance all those different characters. I think this year you're getting 10 full mega novels and 2 anthologies. That's 12 releases in 12 months.
If I can't tell how you feel about a book, I won't carry it past book 10. So, if you love it, leave a review for it. If you only like it, same goes. I can't do my job unless you direct me.
So, get to leading!!!!

Okay, back to work!
I hope you all have a great night! If you're getting buried in snow, stay safe and warm!

Much Love, Mayhem, and Murder,