Thursday, April 25, 2013

Excuse me... But I have a question!

Greetings from Morgan-land!

I'm getting a late start this morning on the Blog. It's been a packed week here.

Tomorrow begins the final read through of Celestia is Falling, and I can't wait! Releasing a book is much like giving birth. You grow your work of art, love it and nurture it until it's time. Then you deliver it for the world to see.
I'm in the final stages just waiting to hand my new baby over to all of you!
I hope you love her!

I had some really great questions this week. Some were regarding the books and some were about me. I picked one of each to answer today.

What happened to the plans for the paranormal book series? I was looking forward to it!

Cynthia, I was too! Unfortunately with my time schedule it isn't possible this year. I'm not saying I won't try, but with my books slotted for release and vacation time scheduled, I can't seem to make it work. As I've stated before, my year runs Sept to Sept. If I complete the last three books for this year, I'll have released 10 novels. That's all I can really pull off. Writing is a multi-stepped process.
Write the book.
Add detailing.
Read through.
Off to proofing.
Clean up.
Read through.
Final Proofing.
Final approval before release.
Those nine steps have to happen with each and every book. There's more if there's an issue. For example, with Fire Burns Hot, Tammy had a few concerns, and I had to do a re-structure on a few scenes. That meant adding another read through. From start to finish here's the time frame.
 It takes me two weeks to write each novel
 A week to add details.
Three days to read through.
A week to edit.
Tammy needs up to 2 weeks to proof each manuscript line by line.
It takes me 2 days to clean up (sometimes more)
Read through is another week.
Final proofing is three to five days.
Approval is two more days.
Right there you're looking at nine weeks to get a book out start to finish, if nothing else happens in life, like parties, events, kids appointments, and general mayhem.  Usually I'm a few books ahead, but this time, I'm releasing Celestia is Falling without the second book already completed. That's rare for me. I like to tie my books together and make sure they sync. Fire Burns Hot  was done, and so was the following in the series Darkness of Truth. That makes my life easier. Now I'm in the situation with a projected deadline approaching and no books on the back burner done. Once Celestia is Falling  and  Darkness of Truth release, I then have to write their sequels.

Tammy and I made an agreement this year that by November 15th, all work would be done (for her) until January 1st. I'll be writing, but nothing will be in the process for release until January 1st when we both go back to the grind. Trying to get a paranormal out while on hiatus would be a half assed effort on my behalf, and that's not how we like to roll. (I channeled my inner Elizabeth.)

I promise to try and get the series out for next year.

We all have guilty little pleasures. What's yours?

Oh, where to begin.
Tattoos. I think they're probably my most favorite thing in the world. I have my back done, and I'm currently working on my ribs. In fact, I have an appointment on May 8th to get my one side done. There's something that draws me about them. I love the art, the story behind them, and I find a man with tattoos very sexy.
After tattoos, my second guilty little pleasure is shoes. I'm a typical girl. I have a shoe fetish. Which is entertaining since I don't leave the house to work. I love heels and crazy shoes that look like medieval torture devices. I have a pair of blood splattered pumps.
They make me laugh whenever I put them on.
Life is too short to be serious.

Thank you all for the great questions! Please don't forget to leave some book reviews on amazon! Spread the word!

Much Love, Mayhem and Murder,