Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Thank you! Thank you!

I have been buried in lots of great emails from all of you!
I'm so darn happy that you're all loving Fire Burns Hot.  As a writer, it's amazing to know your baby is loved and cherished!
So many of you have sent great emails asking a ton of questions, and starting Thursday, I'll be going over some of them.
Right now I'm neck deep in Celestia's Falling and on a deadline to get it to my fabulous proofer by next week! She's itching for some work, and I aim to please!

Tammy and I are contemplating bumping the book schedule up a little, since so many of you devoured Fire Burns Hot over the weekend. Seriously! You all finished it in two days? I love my readers!!!! Awesome!
That's some feat, since its over 500 pages.

If possibly, I'm thinking of releasing the next book in the series Darkness of Truth  in July instead of September. I can't make any promises, but WE will do our best! If that's the case you may see the entire schedule bumped a bit forward.

Keep visiting this site and keep reading!
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Much Love, Mayhem and Murder.