Thursday, June 13, 2013

Good Morning!

Hi all!

Been a busy two weeks for me. I'm on the time crunch before I leave for my summer hiatus.
I just finished my read through of Vegas is Dying (2) and it's off to Tammy on Monday or Tuesday for proofing. I hope she loves it! I have to say, I'm a big fan of Elizabeth, Ethan and Callen, BUT I am madly in love with Emma and Greyson.
Something about him just makes my heart flutter.
Hello Director Hotness!

Today I have to start detail loading into Christmas is Killing (3) in the Croft & Croft Series. I need to clean up the sex scenes and get it ready for my read through. It's going to Tammy in August for the proofing, while I'm away for a month soaking up the sun.
I'm very happy with it.
I never know how I'm going to feel about a book until I finish it, but I'm pleased.

I know you all have been emailing me and asking questions, so I figured today I'd get to some of the questions! I love hearing from you all, and thank you for your amazon and goodreads reviews. Please keep them coming!

Which is your favorite book out of all you have written and why?

Lenore, I have to be honest. When I am writing a book, that's generally my favorite. I had one book I absolutely didn't love, and it turned out to be the best selling one in the series. Go figure! BUT if I had to pick a book in the FBI/Romance series, I'd say it's Deep Dark Mire (4). I'd pick that one, because that's the start of the relationship between Elizabeth, Ethan and Callen. It's kind of where it all starts in my head, since I'd been working up to unveiling it. Although, I believe that Devil Hath Come (7) may be the new favorite. BUT since it's still not down on paper, I don't know.

In the Croft & Croft series, (since I have up to book 3 finished and know what's coming) I have to say that Vegas is Dying is my favorite in that series. I happen to be a fan of all things old. I like vintage jewelry. I love collecting antiques and old glass. So, when I had the opportunity to create two characters, I took a chance and made Emma and Greyson very old school. I think that is conveyed in Vegas is Dying and Christmas is killing.

You mentioned in your blog you like tattoos. Do you like them to look at or do you have any?

Vanessa, I like to look at them and I have them. In fact, I just rocked out a new one two days ago. I'm working on my arm, and Tammy was kind enough to watch me sit through it. I even booked our next appointment together. I'm going to get her all tatted up before it's over with.
I have my back done, along with my ribs on one side and my lower back too. I don't ever post personal pictures of me or information, since I'm super low key, but this one was appropriate. I got it in honor of all my released books.

I always said I would tattoo 'Live to Write and Write to Live' on my body when I became successful enough to make a living on my books. Well, I've reached that mark, and here it is. The tattoo goes further up my arm. I just couldn't get it all in the picture.
I'm a fan of black ink. I only get my tattoos in that medium. It's just my thing. The birds are to pay homage to the FBI/Romance series for giving me flight into writing world. It's far from done, my plan is to do the entire arm and connect it to my back tattoos.

My next tattoo is of my kid's names. I promised my daughter I'd let her pick the spot on my body, and of course she went for the ribs... Most painful spot on the whole body. You have to love teenage girls...

I think of tattoos as milestones. Yeah, buying a purse hurts a lot less, but you don't have it forever. That ink is never coming off and the pain, it's part of the process- much like writing a book. You have to bleed for your craft. Two hours of a needle jabbing your arm is NOTHING compared to the pain of giving life to a novel.
Both are very worth it in the end!

Okay, back to work! I have people to kill and bodies to bury!
(okay, and kids to put on a school bus.)

Much Love, Mayhem and Murder,