Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Happy fall day!

Baby, it's cold outside!
I'm snuggled up in my office, working on Dying to Love, and I thought I'd pop in to wish you all a Happy Halloween!
I hope you get to have fun, eat candy, and watch out for the spooks and things that go bump in the night!

So, I get asked a lot the order of my books. If you head out to www.morgankelley.com, you'll see on the second page all of my books, by series, their covers, and the order. Now that there are 42 novels out there, it's getting harder to remember the order.
Yes, I'm getting old!

What's coming up?
Next month, and December, you have the fifth and sixth vampyre books. We're going to be getting ready to see Jolie have her child, Death is all up in their business, and Flynn, he's not going to be the same man as he used to be. He's going to sacrifice for the woman he loves, and to protect their family.
I loved writing these books. My vamp series isn't the most popular of all of my series, but it's near and dear to my heart. It's the very first book I ever wrote. After a publisher picked me up, and then made my life miserable with telling me how to write my books, I bought the rights back, and released it again. (only book one. The rest are brand new.)
The Dangerous series is fun, it's got a sexy threesome in it, and it's not the typical vamp books. Jolie is the boss. She's the alpha, and she's faced so much in her long life.
If you love sexy mystery, you will like these. There's not just sex and blood. There's a mystery to be solved too.
Flynn is the sexy cop, and he's always finding vampyres are a pain in his butt.
Jacques is the faithful guardian who would die for the woman he loves--but it's unrequited--at first.

So, they are December's books, and here is the whole series with their new covers...

Then January will be here.
What's coming up then?

We're going to find out what happens to Jagger and his broken heart.

Then we have the back to back FBI books in Feb. The flashback and the present day novel. This is going to be a three book arc, so buckle in, and trust me to drive the bus. In the flashback, you're going to find out what really happened between Chris and Lyzee all those years ago. You're going to get a peek into their past, and what they do will  cause havoc in their present.

Then you'll have the final book in this arc when Bonnie returns in July.

The family won't be ready for her. Not in the least, and it's going to cost someone their life at Bonnie's hands.

March is going to be all about Greyson Croft. He and the mob family are back, and there are some new additions to their family. There's crime, anger, and lawlessness in Vegas, and he's the man to fix it.

By the time spring hits, you'll be ready for some spooky fun. It'll be Littlemoon time once again, and they're back to get Tori's brother out of the worst kind of predicament ever! The ghosts are a plenty, and they are now haunting the office.
And one is unwelcome. Can you forgive people when they've broken you? Tori is going to find out.

In May, there's no book release. Sorry, all! But I'm gearing up to start the cycle all over again!

We'll have another Oracle in June, and it'll be a haunting good time, but not in the USA. We're taking a trip to Ireland to really meet some powerful psychics.

Then Bonnie is back in July for the last part of the three book arc. She's got an ax to grind, and it's with Elizabeth Blackhawk. Elizabeth is coming off the worst case of her life. It makes the butcher look like a fun time. Can the family fix the mess they have internally before Bonnie makes it hell all over again?
Or is this the end of the trio?
I guess we'll have to wait and find out. Revenge has Come, and it's going to be bloody.

August is mid summer, and I'm always ready for another Croft book. Who knows what Vegas will bring?
I do....

Dimitri gets his story, and we're going to find out what makes him tick. Will there be a woman for him? Yes, and she's going to have to withstand the storm...

I hope you're looking forward to the next few months. I know I am! Tell a friend, make them read a book, and leave a review. In order to do my job, you guys have to do yours! Review, review, review!

Next year, there's going to be a HUGE giveaway. I never sign books. Ever. One person, in honor of my 50th novel being released, will get a huge surprise. They will get a full series of their choice, in paperback, signed, and sent to them from me. There will be little prizes, and I'm thinking someone will get a kindle full of my books.

We shall see.
Morgan is in her lair, and she's working on the fun!

Have a great weekend! Leave a review. It's like a hug from you to me!

Much love, mayhem, and murder,