Tuesday, August 20, 2013

You can please some of the people.....

Wow, today was a wild day in reviews.
As usual, Deep Dark Mire took a beating.
The threesome.

I'm to the point that I don't even want to look anymore at reviews. How do I, the writer, explain it any more clearer to people that are freaked out by a threesome?
It's fiction.
It's not real.
I created a world to make you think.
It's something you might not experience in life.
That's the point. I want you to relax, pick up a book and take a break from reality. I know the FBI procedures aren't 100 % accurate. I am well aware that two married people wouldn't be running the FBI. It's a made up world, with one point in mind.

In the past two months, I've been called 'Immoral', and my books are incestuous. FALSE AND FALSE!  Or my favorite, 'I loved books 1-3 but after reading the reviews for 4- I don't like the direction because you can't love brothers at the same time.'
STOP judging a book by it's cover. STOP reading the reviews that are only bad and read the good ones too. Read it and decide for yourself!

I don't know why I'm surprised. I knew this would happen, since I was pushing something so far out of the comfort zone, but I really didn't think people would be this offended.
It's not real.
I'm not a happy home wrecker, and I didn't destroy Desdemona's life.
She doesn't exist anywhere but in my mind and on paper.

I appreciate people's opinions, but it's frustrating as the creator to watch 'my baby' get the shit kicked out of it because Callen's whiny and the threesome in the books.
Is that all you see when you read 190,000 words? Nothing more?
Well, here you go.
I created him to be that way.
You find out in Devil Hath Come. Life is about to change for Elizabeth, Callen and Ethan. Something is coming that will shake them up and possibly the readers too. The weak become the strong and the strong are damaged. It all has a point. It's a matter of just continuing forward, even if you find something in the book you disagree with.

These books are a long term series, so they span YEARS of time. I can't make Callen whiny at the beginning of one book and solve it by the end. They'd be 5000 pages long. All I'm asking is a little patience and the leeway to tell the tale as it lives in my mind.
That's all....

I guess I need to accept the reality of it all.

Sometimes, REALITY sucks.

Much Love, Incestuous Mayhem and Murder,


PS. I'm kidding about the incestuous Mayhem part..