Friday, October 18, 2013

Weekend is here!

Happy Weekend all!

Just wanted to pop in and tell you that I am still alive! I'm just buried in lots of work. Where I thought I would take it easy for the fall, it's not working out that way.

We've pretty much finalized the book schedule for next year, and I figured that I would post it tentatively, so you can see what you all have to look forward to!

Remember, this list is subject to change, as are the titles.

2013/2014/15 Book schedule

November- Christmas is Killing (book 3) Croft & Croft series
December- Nothing

January 2014 - Blood Red Rage (book 1) Littlemoon Investigation series.
February- Consumed by Wrath (book 8) FBI series
March - Sinner Repent (book 1) The Carter Chronicles trilogy
April- Love is Bleeding (book 4) Croft & Croft
May- Nothing 
June- Lost & Broken (book 2) Littlemoon Investigation series
July - Nothing 
August- Sinner Realized (book 2) The Carter Chronicles Trilogy
September- The Blood Seduction (book 5)
October- Redemption is Here (book 9) FBI series
November- Heaven is Weeping (book 5) Croft & Croft series
December- Unspeakable Games(book 3) Littlemoon Investigation Series

January-2015- Sinner Reborn (book 3) The Carter Chronicles Trilogy
February- Veracity of Lies (book 10) FBI series.
March - Hell is Burning (book 6) Croft & Croft series.

Okay, this is what the next  months look like. Will it change? Maybe. If you haven't noticed, I'm going to try and give you 10 full novels in one year. The good news? I have up to March done. I'll be working on Lost & Broken next month, and potentially Love is Bleeding around Christmas. If I can pull them off, my editor and proofer are set to go.
The bad news is that this may kill me, and I'll never write again!
Okay, that was a little over dramatic!

So, I'm taking 3 months off out of 16.
Don't ever say I don't love you all!

Keep reading, emailing me and reviewing!

Much Love, Mayhem and Murder,