Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Happy Post Sinner Reborn release!

I hope you're all still reading and enjoying the final book in the Carter Chronicles trilogy. I know I'm going through it right now in prep for writing the first Oracle book!

I can't wait.

Today, I sat down to write out next year's book release schedule. I wanted to post it here for you. I'll be releasing 12 books next year. There will only be one month without a release, so it's going to be crazy!

From here on out, you'll have a book release until May 2016. Every month, a new Morgan Kelley book will be available. Some will be the FBI, some the Vampyre series, and some new series starting up. I hope it keeps you busy! I know it's keeping me locked to my desk!

Here it is.

2016 Book Release dates

January-  (Oracle 1) Oracle Rising

February-  (2 FBI Books)   Past will Haunt 13 & Choice will Destroy 14

March- (FINAL Croft book)-  Justice is Dead

April- (Littlemoon book 5)  Haven of Nightmares


June- (Harcourte Vamp society book 5) Dangerous Influence

July- (FBI Book 15) Blood Shall Run

August  - (Harcourte Vamp book 6) Dangerous Sacrifice

September- (Oracle Series)  TITLE TBA

October- (Croft Justice series book 1)  Dark Justice

November- (FBI Book 16) TITLE TBA

December- (Littlemoon book 6) TITLE TBA

I get questions every day, and I can't answer all of them. I know i started posting them here so I could share them with all of you, but I'm really buried in work. (See above dates for the reason. LOL) So, forgive me for not being on top of them. 

I will tell you that one question i get more than anything is why do I release so many books when a normal author drops 2-3 a year max. 

It's simple. 

I love my job, and i love all of you. I am an avid reader (i was until i became a writer...) I know how frustrating it is to get a series, and then have to wait a year for a new book. It sucks. 
Because I'm an indie author, i run this schedule. No one can tell me how big, or small, my books have to be, and they can't tell me how many i can put out. I went the publisher route. 

Let's face it. (BIG SHOCKER COMING...) I am freaking Elizabeth. She's modeled after me. I don't play well with others, I like to be the boss, and I tend to say things that are totally inappropriate (although very funny). So, when i decided to go indie, i promised myself that I'd run this my way. it is. 
I like dropping books and getting reviews from you, the reader. I love when you email me. ( I reply to each and every one. It won't be a PA replying, but me from my phone. I swear. Go ahead...test me. I dare you!

I enjoy the entire process of a book. From the days before when I'm itching to get started, to the second I send it to Rachel and Laura. I love my job. I don't take a vacation. I know..I know... I just can't. I'm a type A control freak who is a major workaholic. When I'm not writing, I'm wandering the house like a zombie. For the sake of my marriage, and my children's sanity, i have to work. 
I do.

I promise that as long as you all keep reading, I'll keep writing. I'm asked how long I can keep the series going. The answer?
I already have a spin off for the FBI series if i decide to end it. I'm only 12 books in, and I foresee at least 40. As long as i can keep killing off people (in unique and fun ways) this series has many more years ahead of it. 
If i can't, I've built in safety nets. 

Yes, one day, you'll be seeing a spin off with all of Elizabeth's children in the future. I've made sure to create prodigy to carry on the Blackhawk-Whitefox torch. 
We have Julian and Tori's child Veronica. 
We have Quinn and Callie's children. 
We may even run in to a few more along the way. So fear not...I'm far from done. I swear. 

Now... I hate bitching and moaning about this. I really do, but it has to be said. If you want to keep getting books, I need reviews. Think of this as a team effort. I need you just as much as you need your book fix. 

Amazon is a pain in the ass about a few things. They won't start promoting an author unless they have a specific amount of book reviews for each book.(50 reviews)  Now.. I know how many books i sell a month, and the reviews aren't matching up to the sales. I don't know if you hate the books, or you just don't like leaving a review. 
Don't be shy!

PLEASE leave a review. I really need them to keep my job. All kidding aside. In a world where Indie authors, like myself, are competing against big publishing houses, it's the only thing that keeps us afloat. 

I need Amazon to promote my books so i can employ the team who keeps bringing them to you. This isn't all about me. Rachel and Laura are part of this too. They're the ones who edit and proof the pages upon pages i send them. As far as I know, they love being masochists. 

PLEASE leave a review. If you haven't, please go back and leave them for all the books that you've read. I know it's a pain, but it's vital. Out in the indie world, people are buying reviews to pad the game, and I won't do that. 
I refuse to cheat. 
I'm trying to do this the right way, keeping my Karma clean. I want to be a legit author, and that means getting my readers to leave a review. It doesn't have to be a long review. 20 words minimum. 


Okay.. I've begged plenty today. I'm going to get back to work. Oracle won't be writing itself, and I have to get in the right frame of mind. 

Have a great week!

Much love, Mayhem, and Murder...