Sunday, January 26, 2014

Happy Sunday!

I hope you're all doing well!
I know I've been MIA for a week, but it wasn't intentional. I'm balancing four books now at once, and it's been quite the juggling act.
Sinner Repent (book 1) is waiting for my final read through.
Dangerous Revelations (book 1) is being edited and corrections are in tonight.
Dangerous Choices (book 2) is halfway done. I'm adding details to it before it goes off to editing, and last, but not least, I'm getting ready to do my read through before Lost & Broken (book 2) in the Littlemoon series goes off to editing.

It's chaos here!
I'm rushing around to get the next 6 months locked down. Here's what it's looking like.
February- nada. I released Consumed by Wrath early for you all, so I get a month without a book release.
March is Sinner Repent.
April is Love is Bleeding (Book 4) Croft & Croft
May- is Lost & Broken (book 2)
June is going to be Dangerous Revelations (book 1)
July is going to be Dangerous Choices (Book 2) ~ Yes, I'm giving you the first two books in a series back to back. That's how much I believe you'll love them.
August will be Redemption is Here (book 9) FBI series, and the anthology Illegal Fantasies~ Behind Closed Doors
September is likely going to be Heaven is Weeping (book 5) in the Croft Series.
October I'm aiming for Unspeakable Games (book 3) Littlemoon series
November will be Sinner revealed (book 2) The Carter Chronicles Trilogy.
Then nothing until Jan or Feb 2015
All of that is scheduled to change, if I lose a finger, or have a mental breakdown in the process. One never knows!

Now, onward. I have a promo tour kicking off this week. Tomorrow, I'll post the sites that will be promoting Blood Red Rage. I hope they loved it as much as you all did! Thank you for your reviews and keep them coming!!! I know more than 3 of you read Consumed by Wrath.
What are you waiting for?
I swear, I'm calling Lyzee!!!!!

Have a good day!
Much Love, Mayhem and Murder,