Wednesday, June 28, 2017


Happy Hump Day!

Yes, it's the middle of the week, and I'm checking in to see how you're all doing! Good I hope! Well, how's the reading going?
I hope you're all enjoying the newest release.
By now, you've finished the Bonnie returns book, Revenge has Come. We're going to talk about it in this post, so if you HAVEN'T READ IT...Spoiler ALERT!!!!
Scroll past this, and head to the bottom. I'll be discussing the drawing for the contest!

Okay, on to the book.

Some of you have contacted me and asked a few questions, and I figured they were pertinent to the book, so i'd post them here and make it easy for everyone.

Let's start with this one.

Oh holy crap! I didn't see that one coming. As I was wrapping up Revenge has Come, I thought that Bonnie was going to tuck tail and run. Then BAM! You knocked it out of the park. Why did you let her get away? Is there some method to your evil genius? Thank you for one hell of a ride! It was so good I had to read it all in one sitting. 

PS. My husband is going to divorce me. Can I have Ethan?


Well, Shelly, take a number. I think there's about 1000 other women who want him and/or Callen. Now, on to your question. Why did I let her go? Well, that was an easy one. She really isn't Elizabeth's enemy. From the start, Bonnie has been all about Dakota Rakin and his demons. We meet him in the Bonnie and Clyde book, Slay Bells Ring, and we continue his story in this book. Only, when I sat down to write the book, it felt like HE needed the vindication more than Elizabeth. I let her go because one more smudge on Elizabeth's soul might be too much for even her to take. When I began contemplating how I was going to resolve the Bonnie situation, I opted to give Dakota this one. Basically, Elizabeth is taking one for the team and allowing someone who needs the vindication over a hideous criminal.
You may or may not know, but there is a Hunter Trilogy coming out in December. In it, you're going to meet Rogue Ravenscroft, Zayn Thundercloud, and reunite with Dakota. The three men have a journey to take, and Bonnie was allowed to escape for that trilogy to handle it.
Will it end in that trilogy?
Will I tell you how?
You'll have to stick around. Book one is Atonement, and I finished it a couple weeks ago. I think you're going to like my mercenaries. I fell in love with them.

Out December 2017

Out May 2018

Out Dec 2018

So, Shelly, I'd like to say it was evil genius, but it was actually just me giving Dakota his last shot at Bonnie. You'll find out if he and Sarah work it out, you'll find out if Bonnie can be stopped, or if she's going to take someone's life, and you're going to see the Blackhawks pop in and out of the books.
That's why Bonnie lived. She's such a vile monster, she needed her own final book. You'll get it with this trilogy.

Here's another one.

I just left my review on Amazon. Kuddos. You knocked this one out of the park. I saw the two negative reviews. Please tell me you're not going to end this series. I just found the Blackhawks and binged in two weeks. I need more! As for my opinion, I will say that this book had me laughing, crying, and on the edge of my seat. Elizabeth is in her prime. Don't make her some wussy woman and show she can't handle it. I love your series because the women are badass. Women with kids and in their forties can be awesome. Thank you for showing women in a positive light--flaws and all. 


Bianca, thanks for the email! I love hearing from everyone, and I do answer each one personally. Mostly at 2 am. lol. As for the series ending, no. It's not. When I saw the review, I posted a question to my readers. If one person was feeling it was time, I wanted to know if she were alone or others were too.
So far, I've replied to about 200 emails, and most threatened my life if I killed the series. lol. The Blackhawks are safe, and there's a lot coming in their future. My readers asked for a book with less serial killing and more just their personal life, so...I'm adding another Blackhawk book to the rotation next year.
In Feb, you'll get a special gift from me.

While this book won't have a serial killer, I promise it will have a mystery, a lot of the Blackhawks in their personal life, and some twists and turns. Is it a mandatory read to keep on track with the story line? 
This is just some extra-extra for the people I love on a holiday I adore. I start writing it in Oct.
As for the whole 'can a woman hold up with kids, a high pressure job, and being married', I always want to make sure I give girls, women, etc a positive role model. I have a daughter, she turns 16 in a couple of months, and I want her to know that even if you have 6 kids, are chasing crazies, and married, you can do it all and have it all. 
Elizabeth can and will beat back these demons. In fact, in Book 20, she has a little comment for anyone who thinks she can't do her job still. Even Elizabeth has weighed in. 
Thank you for the review, and I love that you contacted me!!!

One last one. 

are you a real person? You're not some team of ghost writers, are you? Thank you for another great book. I devoured it in two days. I didn't feed my cats, and I forgot to mail the bills. Thank you for giving me something other than real life to focus on. Keep going. We have your back. 

PS. Are you Elizabeth?


Leslie, thank you for contacting me. I'm not available right now. Please leave a message....Girl, of course I'm real. Who in their right mind would be up doing a blog at 2 am?????? I can promise you that there are no ghost writers. I write all the books, Rachel and Laura edit, and my kid does my covers. We are a team of 4. How do I do it? I'm one of those irritating people who need 3-4 hours of sleep a night. I run on Dunkin', and I'm blessed with a family that lets me follow my passion. (Read that as my husband is a saint). I will be honest. Morgan isn't my name. That's the only thing fake about me. Period. 

I'm really sorry about the cats. The good news, they will forgive you. The bad news, if you die..they will eat you. I suggest a dog. They are loyal. lol They would die with you--not consume you. As for the bills, get auto pay. That's how I roll. Who has time to write out checks when you can read a book? 
As for reality...
I don't like to read books where they are too close to reality. Could a threesome run the FBI? Hell no. I know that. You know that, but why can't we live in the moment. I don't write true crime. I write fiction. No one wants to hear a heroine bitching about dishes in a sink, laundry not folded, or kids needing baths. We live that every day. I like to take my readers for a sexy ride to 'Fantasy-ville'. It's more fun here with sexy Natives. 
I'm glad you all have my back. For a while there, it was sketchy. lol.

Last but not least, am I Elizabeth?
Yes and no.
I have the same issues as Elizabeth. I have cowboy boots like Elizabeth. I have ONE sexy husband like Elizabeth.  (He won't let me get a second dog. I doubt a second man will fly...hahahahahha)
I have Elizabeth's hair, but hers is more manageable. I have kids like Elizabeth. 
Oh, and I don't allow people to disparage me or the people I love. 

Crap! I may be her! lol

You know...there are a lot of similarities. You may be on to something. 

Anyway, on to the whole drawing thing.  On July 1st, or close to it, (I want to give everyone a chance to get a review in for The Killing Times so they can be eligible for the book give away) there will be a giveaway. If you haven't heard, I'm going to give one lucky reader a double book with a custom cover for their prize. You get to pick the books, I'll have the cover created, and you'll get it autographed and sent to you. It'll be a big book, one copy made, and that's it. No one will ever have it but the winner. 
I'll draw the name from the people registered on my email list. 
They will be contacted by their email by me, personally, and then asked to show a screenshot of their review. If they can do that, BOOM. The book is theirs. 

That's it. 
So, if you want in on this prize giveaway for my 50th release (Revenge has Come), there's a tab at the top that says 'Contest'. Head there, do the deed, and you're in. No sharing, no posting all over social media, yada yada. No one has time for that.

Thank you for your comments and questions, and I hope you enjoy the next 50 books. There's a ton still coming your way this year.
In a little over a week, it's ORACLE HAUNTING.  I hope you're ready for your trip to Ireland. It's time to get your Oracle on!

Much love, mayhem, and murder,


PS. Thank you for all the readers who support me and love my books. I love each of you too! If you friend request me on FB, send me a private message telling me you're one of my readers. I don't accept every request. Just before, I had a Nigerian man who wanted to have my babies...
I didn't have the heart to tell him he didn't have the equipment to do that.