Monday, April 25, 2016

Another addition to the family...

There's another book available for pre-order! 
Oracle Seeing is finally available on Amazon. It took them forever to get it up, but YAY!!!  

Here it is!

You can preorder it, or if you have Kindle Unlimited, you can follow this link to my amazon page and beneath my picture, click 'following'. Amazon will email you when a new book is out!

I really hope you enjoy this one! So far, my team loves Lucian and Bishop. They are a fun couple. He's damaged and brooding, and she's bright and protective. It was awesome to watch them come together. 

I hope you're ready for Oracle! A lot happens in this book, including Jagger meets his match. 

Book Description. 

Oracle Seeing
Book two in the Phoenix Files.

He’s in so much pain.
His gift is killing him. Lucian Monroe is special. He’s a psychic. At one time, before he nearly died in a car explosion, he would use his gift to lock away criminals. He was good at his job. They never had a chance. He owned the courtroom, and he ruled as king.
Until that fateful day…
Everything changed.
Now he’s forced to hide in his mansion, locked behind the walls to stay invisible. He’s a beast, disfigured, scarred, and ruined. He can’t go into the city, let alone face another person down. He’s given up on life. He’s given up on love.
That is until the visions start.
Someone is killing people from his past. He knows deep down, he’ll be next.
In comes Oracle. She’s just like him, and he trusts her. Only, she has a few tricks up her sleeve to save Lucian once and for all. There’s one person in his past who can destroy him. It’s Bishop. She holds the key to solving it all, whether he likes it or not.
Yet, he can’t face her.
He won’t.
If he does…she’ll know the truth that he’s hidden all these years.
As the team goes in, they have no choice but to track the killer in Lucian’s past. Only, the closer they get, one thing becomes clear. Maybe Oracle can’t protect them.
Maybe in life, you pay for your sins whether you deserve to or not.
Sometimes, Beauty can’t save the Beast.

Much love, mayhem, and murder,