Thursday, October 30, 2014

Happy Halloween!

Hi all!
I know it's not Halloween yet, but i thought I would pop in and wish you all a great holiday.
I hope you have some plans to score up some yummy treats as you avoid any mean tricks!
We're going to hand out candy and watch movies late into the night. We like to stay in and pretend we're lumps!
Sad, but true.

I'm finishing up the detail add for the next FBI book, Dead Shall Speak. The new cover is posted in the tab above under FBI. I hope you all like it!
It was an awesome book to write, and is just under 600 pages. It's a long one!
I love a huge book. They make me happy!
Anyway, that's going off to the editing team next week, Heaven is Weeping is there being done, and I'll start adding details to the next Littlemoon book, Unthinkable Games. Once that's done, it's off to vampyre world for two months. I have two books to work on. I can't wait.
I miss Jolie, Jacques, and Flynn.

I was just informed yesterday that there is a vicious rumor rolling around that if we authors don't get people to like our AuthorCentral page on Amazon, they won't be promoting our books. (I'm not sure if this is fact or fiction) So, to cover my bases, because we Indie authors need Amazon to back us, can you all do me a favor?

Follow this link to my page.

In the upper right corner is the FB like symbol. Can you like me?
I don't want to lose my promotion status with Amazon.

Ps. Don't forget to pre-order your copy of the next anthology! It's up on Amazon and will be released in less than two weeks! YAY!

Thank you!