Sunday, July 14, 2013

Another day...

Hi all.

Just have a few moments to spare today.
It's been a crazy hectic week for me. I'm in a crunch to get all my work done before vacation next month, and I feel like I need five or six more hours in a day.
Vegas is Dying (book 2) is off for it's final read-through this week.
Christmas is Killing (book 3) is heading in for its first proofing.
Then there's Devil Hath Come (book 7)- I've yet to add the details and get it cleaned up for the first full read through. I have about one month worth of work to put into it, and only 5 weeks until I head south...
It's going to be close.
I also had an interview with our local paper this week, some family issues to handle and just about everything else that could pop up.

But, I think it's all under control.

This was a tumultuous week in reviews. As Elizabeth would say, I've been handed my ass on any given day. Critiquing my style of writing to a few incredibly rude people that have made personal attacks and name calling.
Yikes! Who knew that people could be so rude.. Oh, wait. I did know that....

Anyway, despite being called a horrible writer that puts no effort into her books (Yes, Horsemom, you get the spotlight on my blog for that one... and Barbara that called my books immoral due to a threesome... I shall brush it off and go back to work. For every person that's rude, there are twenty that are awesome. I get some fabulous emails and love hearing from everyone.
So thank you, for your support.

I'm still ranked on Amazon's top 100 authors, I believe for 4 weeks now, so thank you for that too!

Everyone have a great week!

Much Love, Mayhem and Murder,