Thursday, August 8, 2013


I hope you're all enjoying Vegas is Dying! I had some awesome feedback via email! I can't wait for you all to finish the book and read the follow up book Christmas is Killing!
I thought I would post a few of your comments or questions here;

I just finished Celestia is Falling and I am in LOVE! Greyson Croft is HOT! I love how you made
him so very strong and crazy about Emma.  I already bought Vegas is Dying and I stayed up late last night reading. I liked your FBI series, but I love the Croft & Croft series. Thank you for bringing Curtis back! He's funny!
Keep writing! I love your humor and your books!

Susan, I love Curtis too! He makes me chuckle. I love that he's Greyson's surrogate little brother. I will tell you that Dante is going to be in book 4, so Greyson will have two 'brother's' to look out for...

I just finished Vegas is Dying and I don't think I can wait until Christmas time. Can you please give us a few hints what you have coming? I Love that you are trying to have someone make Greyson Croft dirty. (Although, we know that won't ever happen!) Him and Emma are perfect together. Don't change a thing!

Barbara, here's a hint: Nothing is going to be what it appears to be. Greyson and Emma will have an unlikely ally and a more sinister enemy that is willing to spill blood...

I read your FBI Series, and while I enjoyed it, I have to say that I love your Croft & Croft series even more! It's refreshing! There is something so sensual about Greyson Croft and how possessive he is of his 'woman'. I love it! I was torn at the end when Emma called Mr. Mason by his first name. I have a feeling he's going to be a problem in the next book!
Can you release it early? I think tomorrow is a perfect date!
Please keep doing what you do!

Amy, I wrote this series to alleviate some of the 'freakout' from the other series. Not everyone likes the threesome sex. It was a perfect storm to create that series and it WILL NOT be happening ever again. While I love Elizabeth, Ethan and Callen, they have their story and i'm not going to replicate it. It will cheapen it if I have threesome after threesome with every set of characters. I did it once and that's great. Now, I plan on giving the other readers what they wanted. A straight romance with interesting characters that begin flawed and have to work through it to find resolution.
HINT: Randall Mason will have a deep impact in the next two books...

 I love you. Let me just say that off the top. Want to be my best friend? If you were, then you could tell me what's happening in the next book. I know, I'm just using you to find out where you're taking the book after Vegas is Dying, but I reaaaaaallllllllllyyyyyyyy need to know! I don't think I can wait until Christmas.
Can you tell us anything? Oh, and if you need anyone to brainstorm with, I will volunteer my services!

Toni, You're better off not being my best friend. I don't play well with others! HAHAHAHA I will tell you what's happening in the next book. It's Christmas, someone is trying to break Greyson and we all know there is ONLY one way to do that. Now, think about it....  I can promise by the end of the book, you will be writing me another email dying to know what the hell I was thinking! (no worries people, I don't mean as in sex. I put a twist in the plot regarding the dirty dealings of Vegas)
As for brainstorming, I've decided that I'm no longer telling anyone where I'm taking the books. I plan on going with my gut and just doing it! I think that makes it more impactful.

As usual, I love your emails. They make me laugh! I can't tell you too much about the next book, because that would ruin it for you. I will tell you that it will be out in November. I am aiming for Nov, 1st. It has already had a first read through and had two people beta read it, just to make sure there aren't any holes in it. That being said, it's going forward and will be out before you know it.
I will tell you this, it's the catalyst for the game changer. I LOVE a twist that no one sees coming, so prepare yourself for the first chapter and the last one to catch you off guard.

In Christmas is Killing, Emma and Greyson are closer to finding out who is the big 'corruptor' in Vegas. They want Greyson to be well aware who is 'King' of the strip. They're ready to play hardball and Emma and Grey have no choice but to play along. There will be allies made and enemies watching their every move. It's going to set up the follow up book for 2014, Love is Bleeding (book 4) HINT: The title may or may not be a clue as to what's ahead...

Just sayin'

Okay, I have to get back to work. Devil Hath Come is just about there and I want to wrap it up and head to the beach. I may be posting pictures of Morgan's month-long adventure.

As always, keep emailing and don't forget to leave a review on Amazon and Good Reads!

Much Love, Mayhem and Murder,