Wednesday, June 27, 2018

The next Littlemoon book!

It's preorder time!!!!!

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Secret Shame #10 in the Littlemoon Investigation series

The dead are surrounding them. They have something to say and their own undertakings in the afterlife. With this case, that is no different. 

Ridge Hunterhurst has his own mission. It’s to solve the mystery of who slaughtered his family, leaving him as the only suspect. Was it done purposely? Or was it a coincidence? All those years later, and the only reason he stayed out of jail back then was a secret rendezvous with a beautiful girl under the bleachers at her school. 

On top of that, Fate is being a bitch. That girl? She’s now the detective on his cold case, taking over where her old man left off. 

Twenty years later, he’s been digging, and someone isn’t happy that he’s stirring it up. His life is on the line, and he needs an intervention. 

In come the Littlemoons, and the dead. In this case, his people spoke to their people, and they brought them all together. 

But for what?

It looks like they will find out.
Only, in the end, nothing will be the same, gifts will be taken away, and the dead…

They will be responsible for more than anyone’s Secret Shame.
They will be responsible for death.