Monday, May 27, 2013

I love a surprise!

First off, Happy Memorial Day, USA.
Please remember why we celebrate this wonderful holiday, and when you see a soldier, thank them and appreciate the sacrifice they've made for all of us to be free!

Next, I woke up to the most amazing review of The Killing Times, by a terrific book reviewer, Lynn Worton.
Seriously, it was amazing. There is nothing better in life than reading a review and knowing the person gets it. She picked up everything I wanted to portray in Elizabeth and Ethan Blackhawk.
It was perfect.
If you want to read it too, then here's where you can find it.

It was a fabulous surprise to find this morning on Facebook, Amazon and also BlogSpot. Thank you, Lynn Worton!

Now, back to business.
Darkness of Truth (6) is done and will be released in paperback on Friday and Kindle on June 1st. So, be ready for it!

Today I begin rolling out the details for Vegas is dying (2). It's already 443 pages long and 145,600 words in length, so there isn't much more to be added. Maybe another twenty pages. I'll wrap the details this week, proof read it next week and then begin the sequel, Christmas is Killing (3). I'm dying to write that one! I think I have it all executed in my mind and ready to go. I need to have it done by July 1st, so I can write Devil Hath Come (7).
Both releases will be towards the end of the year and the final ones for 2013.
Momma needs a book writing break.
I'll still be working, but anything that pops out of my mind, will be for the 2014 season. I have 6 books planned for next year, with a MEGA book in the works for next holiday season. It's going to be an FBI/Romance and Croft & Croft cross over.
So, it'll have Elizabeth, Ethan and Callen crossing paths with Greyson and Emma Croft in an assignment so difficult, it's going to take both teams to pull it off.
People will be dying.
Bleeding and hurting before I'm done... (Shocking, I know...)

I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!! 

Okay, have a great Memorial Day! I'm off to make coffee and start working on Vegas is Dying (2). (I love the book! It cracks me up...)

Much Love, Mayhem and Murder,