Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Quiet day in Morgan's world.

Morning all.

It's a fairly quiet day here.

I woke up at two and continued working on Celestia's Falling  I'm at the halfway point and there's no turning back now. It should be finished with the first steps of production by Friday.
Since it's Easter this weekend, I was contemplating taking it off, but instead I'm going to work through it, doing a final read through on Fire Burns Hot.  I'd like to get it released as soon as possible, and then do the detail fill on the 6th book in the series. Since Darkness of Truth is already written, it should be painless to clean it up and ship it off to be proofed.

I've revamped my list of books to release for the rest of this year. I'm pulling the paranormal series I planned on releasing for this summer. I'm just not feeling it, so back on the shelf it goes and onto other projects.
I think this is the new timeline... (and the characters involved)

Fire Burns Hot  (April)           Elizabeth, Ethan and Callen
Celestia's Falling (June)                 Emma and Grayson
Darkness of Truth (June)        Elizabeth, Ethan and Callen
The Blood Seduction (July)            Jolie, Jacques and Flynn
Stolen by Moonlight (Sept)            Julian and Tori
Home Sweet Evil (Oct)           Elizabeth, Ethan and Callen
Vegas is Dying (Nov)                    Emma and Grayson
Affair to Fear (Dec)                        Julian and Tori

If I can pull this off, it would mean releasing 11 novels in one year. Since my books average around 190,000 words for each novel, that's more than 2 million words in 365 days.(or over 5,500 pages of print) That gives me a headache just thinking about it.

Right about now, Tammy my proofer is reading this and freaking out. (I love a early morning meltdown.) Don't worry, we'll get through it. (I'm shutting my phone off the second I post this blog)
Let those be my famous last words!

With this timeline, I'll be running four series at the same time. It should be fun, and I hope I can keep all the names straight.

I love an adventure!

Much love, Murder and Mayhem