Friday, January 3, 2014

Evening all!

Brrrrrrrrrrr from the Northeast. Holy cold! It's insane out there. My garden thermometer says we're at a blustery 4 degrees.
That's crazy!
Thank God I have an indoor job!
Keep warm everyone who has to be out there in this.

Anyway, I just wanted to pop in before bed (Yes, I go to sleep early, since I start working at 2 am.) and tell you that I just hit the 40,000 word mark in Love is Bleeding (Book 4). What that means is that now I'm 1/3 of the way done with the book. Tomorrow starts day four of writing, and by the end of the weekend, I hope to have up to chapter 11 completed.

Then I want a nap...

Anyway, I got a really great questions today, and thought I'd post them.

HELP! I don't always have time to read your blog (don't hate me), and I sometimes miss when your books are coming out. Is there a mailing list?

Actually, there is. Since I'm contracted with Amazon (kindle) they offer that service to you the reader. If you go to any of my books, under the title is my name. If you run your mouse over it (yes, it has to be a desktop or laptop) up pops an option to be emailed when one of my books is being released.
Click it and voila! You are all set to go!

I have a Nook. Why aren't you available on that tablet? I have to steal my son's Ipad to read your books. He's not liking that at all.

It's funny you should ask. As of March, my contract with Amazon is up. I'll be taking my books over to Nook too. Now, don't panic. You'll still be able to get me on Amazon, the only difference is if you're borrowing my books for free, it will be coming to an end. Sorry, but Amazon has a rule for it's authors that if you use that function on your books (KDP select) then you can't sell your books anywhere else during the contract period.
I'm trying to give all the Nook readers some equal love!

Are you really going to write an entire book from start to finish in one month? That's crazy.

I am well aware. Yes, I started Love is Bleeding on January 1st, and as mentioned above, i'm 1/3 of the way through it. Now, don't start worshipping at the temple of Morgan just yet. First off, my first draft book and final version are two very different things. My first draft has shortened sex scenes (I write them later.) and less details. I put them in on the first read through. Because I write and type so fast, I keep it simple. After completion next week, I'll put this book away for two weeks (I'll be working on book 2 in the Littlemoon series) and then go back to it. I'll do a read through and add details (About 60-80 pages worth), and then a final read through where I make sure the plot is where I want it and clear. Then, it's a book. So, writing is almost 4 weeks total if you add it all up.

Thank you for all your emails today. Leta, I did get yours! I love Paris and Tessa too. I hope you like the next book. I'm working on replying to all your emails, before bed.
I swear!

Have a good night!
Much love, Mayhem, and Murder,