Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Another blustery day...

Morning everyone!
Just popping in to wish you all a good day.
I'm deep in the bowels of Consumed by Wrath (book 8) today. I'm just about done with my final read through this week, and it'll be shipped off to my editor and proofer sometime soon. I hope that when you read it, you fall in love with it as much as I did!

I will say that it has made me laugh, cry, and giggle at Elizabeth being Elizabeth. I'm glad that even after what happened to Ethan, she's managed to stay true to who she is inside.

Also, I posted the newest covers on the pages above. (Click on their tabs and voila!) I just added Redemption is Here (book 9) in the FBI series and Love is Bleeding (book 4) in the Croft & Croft series today. Check them out if you want a sneak peek...
Due to cover issues, the Croft series will be switching it up a little bit. I like to keep my covers consistent (it's the OCD control freak in me) but this time it's out of my power, so from here on out, the Croft books will look a little different. I played with doing fun new covers, but after switching up the FBI series and all of your feedback on you liking the original ones, I went back to them. After all, your opinion matters a lot to me.

Starting Thursday, I'll be doing the last approval of Blood Red Rage (book 1) It's just to make sure all the content is okay and that I'm happy with the cover. The cover for the E book and the paperback will be slightly different, due to formatting, but you'll see that they're very similar and contain all the same elements.

I wanted to thank you all for your awesome reviews on amazon and Goodreads. It helps me gauge the direction of the books, and to see if I'm doing a good enough job with the characters. If you haven't left reviews, please do. I want all the potential readers to see how you all feel about the books, especially those of you that were worried about the threesome aspect of the FBI series. Even if you hate the couple, I still value your opinion, and that's why I also have the Croft series and soon the Littlemoon one. I want everyone to be happy!

Off to finish reading, and then some holiday prepping.
I'm wishing you all much LOVE, MAYHEM and MURDER!