Thursday, April 19, 2018

Top of the morning!

It's a snowy day here in PA.
Yes, snow in April.
I've had my coffee, and I'm beginning my day with some detailing of the August Croft book, but first good news.
There's a new FBI flashback book up for pre-order!
July will have a new book heading your way!

To reserve your copy, so you get it before it's available for purchase, here's the link. 

Available July 13th, 2018
Honor Thy Anger

All he wanted was to work with his girlfriend and to have a rare date night at the local summer carnival. Who doesn’t like cotton candy, making out in a haunted tunnel of terror, and being with the one you love?
It seemed innocent enough.
Well, with their lives, nothing was ever easy, and that hot summer night was only the beginning. Instead of celebrating life, Doctor Christopher Leonard, and his significant other, Special Agent Elizabeth LaRue, were about to wade right into death.
While trying to navigate their way through a new relationship and balance it with their careers, a serial killer is taking women from the local carnival and using their bodies in nefarious ways.
He’s twisted.
He’s sick.
Oh, and he’s gotten their attention along with the local law.
Together, as they fight for their right to be a couple and work through their own issues, they have no choice but to play a sick and twisted game with a carnival madman who has his sights set on finding his own love.
In the end, the killer will get his prize.
And Elizabeth LaRue might get what she didn’t really want.
A madman’s devotion.

I hope you enjoy it! You guys wanted more flashbacks, so here's another heading your way!
Happy almost weekend!
Be safe.
Be warm if you're in the snow zone, and be happy!

Much love, mayhem, and murder,