Sunday, October 13, 2013


Just thought I would pop in and give you all an update.
Consumed by Wrath (book 8) in the FBI series is done. Yeah, it took me two extra days, but it is finally finished. Twelve days after starting it, I've given birth to yet another bouncing baby Love/murder fest.

It was emotional and a tough one to write.
In a way, I'm glad it's done. By now, you all know how I ended the last book, so you're aware of the heartache and drama that I had to deal with for the next book.
What better holiday to handle it than Valentine's Day?

So, the next book picks up four months later, and a lot has gone on.
Someone is pulling away from the family.
There are scars from all the wounds and emotional shots they all took.
There is life, death, yada yada.
Often, I'm asked how I come up with the names of the books, and usually, they have something to do with the story line.
In this case, the title of the book is a play on a couple of things. The consumed part is about the cannibal, but it's also about the wrath that is consuming the family, as they struggle to heal over what has happened in book 7.

I absolutely love this book. It starts a little different than my other books. I generally go right into the crime, but how could I when the crime fighting team is damaged?
So, in Consumed by Wrath, we have to deal with the heartache first. Put a big ol' band aid on it, and then roll into the CANNIBAL killer.

Yeah, I know.

In fact, my mother, who is often (<----Read that as always) appalled by my killers, now believes that I have gone too far.
Yes, I've taunted God.
Mocked pretty much every thing I could.
Killed for Christmas.
and now had a cannibal for Valentine's Day.

LOOK OUT EASTER BUNNY.  (just kidding)

Tell you the truth, when I tell my straight laced, very religious, and super squeamish mother, if she doesn't say 'Oh Morgan, what did I do wrong?' Than I know it could be better.

How's that mom? You're my gross out barometer.


I have a busy next few weeks.

I do the final read through of Christmas is Killing (book 3). It's releasing in November.

I am adding details to a book entitled Sinner Repent (book 1) - It's the new series that I'm rolling out, also tied into FBI West. Much like when I wrote Celestia is Falling, I wanted to link it back to the main series, but just have different Characters and different story lines. In this series, you're going to meet A psychiatrist that worked/works for the FBI and the man she falls for... He's like Elizabeth, but only the alpha male. (If you read carefully in February, you'll see the Doctor pop up in Consumed by Wrath...) I'm not sure if this will be a series, or a trilogy. I can go a few ways with it, but I haven't decided yet. (This will be a straight romance/thriller series. No threesomes :) I know some of you worry about that, so there you go.)

I will also be getting Blood Red Rage (book 1) to the team on November 1st. That's the first book in the Littlemoon series, and I hope you all love it. I will be doing my final read through next week and then off my baby goes, to be cleaned up.

Lastly, I will be adding details to Consumed by Wrath (book 8) sometime in December. Then, I will be taking a few days off until January 1st, to eat, drink and celebrate Yule/Christmas.

Thank you all for the awesome emails! I got them all and will start answering them tonight and tomorrow in the morning. Thank you for your comments and reviews on the new book, and I will pass on to the editing team that you send your love and appreciation for a job well done! (They rock!)

Have a good night!

Much Love, Mayhem and Murder,