Monday, September 23, 2013

Generally, I love getting emails...

but today I received one that dumbfounded me.
The person (name withheld) informed me that I was destroying the storyline of my books with the raunchy, vile, sex.
AND that I could do better to leave it out. That I would be a better writer if I didn't use sex to shock.

For the first time, I didn't reply to an email.
If you've sent me one, then you know that I get back to you pretty fast. This time, I hit delete. I get that everyone has an opinion, but had I replied it would have been very Elizabeth-esque.  (Picture her in an 'Indian' fueled tirade)  I did decide to address it here, since this is my place to vent or just speak my mind.

I happen to love sex. I mean, who doesn't? If you hate sex, you probably shouldn't be reading romances. If all you want is killing, then watch the nightly news. I'm here (name withheld) to weave a tale of love and romance.
That's my damn job.

The books are staying as is, because they are a part of me. While not perfect, possibly packed with too much sex and profanity, they are a part of my soul. If you want to know me, Morgan Kelley, then look at my books. I love the Blackhawks, and I refuse to make apologies for them, the sex or the storylines. There are about one million authors out there. If I make you cringe while reading about a threesome, find a new series. (That's what I do.)

Sometimes, I really wish Elizabeth was real and worked in the HR department for me. I would LOVE to sit back and watch her have at it. Unfortunately, that's not reality. I will say this, thank you to the people that consistently write to me to just say 'Hi' or tell me that they love the Blackhawks, Greyson the caveman and the rest of my menagerie of crazies.
I appreciate you.
Especially on a day where I haven't had my coffee yet and I'm cranky.

Off to work on Blood Red Rage. The show must go on...

Much Love, Mayhem and Murder,