Monday, May 20, 2013

Blog Tour Day Five!

There are two scheduled stops for the blog tour today!

You can find one of them here at Sizzling Hot Books, and the other will be at Nancy Jardine's blog.

I hope everyone is following and having fun exploring some truly excellent blogs out there!

Have a great day!


Question Monday!

Happy beginning of the work week!

As promised, here are a few of the questions ya'll sent me!

How many books are coming out for the rest of the year? I want to start your Croft & Croft series, but don't want to wait until next year to read the sequel.

I can't say I blame you! I hate picking up a book, only to have the author leave it hanging and not having a planned book out for 6 more months. It's frustrating!

Here's the progression of the series for the Croft & Croft Romance Series:

Celestia is Falling (1)
Vegas is Dying (2) out in July.
Christmas is Killing (3) out in Nov/ early December.

There will also be one out in Feb or March. I'm planning a massive crossover with Elizabeth, Ethan and Callen too. Once you read book 2 - Vegas is Dying, you'll understand why! Until then... shhhhhhhhh. I will say it will be a MEGA novel. Vegas is Dying is about 470 pages, and the mega book cross over will be almost 700 (or I'm planning on that. We'll see as I sit down to write it!)

Here's the progression for The FBI/Romance series:
The Killing Times (1)
Sacred Burial Grounds (2)
True Love Lost (3)
Deep Dark Mire (4)
Fire Burns Hot (5)
Darkness of Truth (6)  out by the week of June 1st.
Devil hath Come  (7) Released for Halloween at the end of Sept. .

That's about it for this year. I will be working through the Christmas holiday penning one or two books for the 2014 season to start off, but my proofer Tammy, she's off from Nov 15 to Jan 1st. Everything that I plan on releasing has to be ready to go by that date in Nov.

So, there are more books coming out for the Croft & Croft series this year. If you're reading both series, you'll have one in June, one in July, one in Sept, and one in Nov.
Plenty of reading!

Are you still planning to erroneously steal one of Elizabeth's men from her?

Hmmmm, how do you really feel, Charlotte? Your question made me laugh, because I get it about every other day. I will only say this. IF something were going to happen to either Callen or Ethan, it would be in Devil Hath Come. That being said, I've yet to write that book, and won't be until July, so I can't tell you much more.
I've storyboarded it with Tammy, and she and I have discussed where I'm heading with the series. Will there be a cliffhanger leading into 2014? No idea yet. One never knows with me....

I just read Celestia is Falling, and I'm in love. I wasn't sure if you could top two sexy native men, but you managed to make Greyson Croft completely endearing and different. Why did you go that route?

Greyson Croft is a throwback to a long ago era. I wanted him to be sexy, dominant and bossy. I'm setting the readers up for book 2 with his temper, his behavior and attitude. Emma isn't Elizabeth. She's softer, more delicate and gentle. She needs a different kind of man, and that's Greyson. As you read book 2, you'll see that (Spoiler) Vegas is the perfect town for them. He's going to need to be bossy, strong and tough for what I have coming for both of them.
In book 2, you'll see him start to unfurl into the man he's meant to be, as you watch Emma define herself too.
I sometimes get called on not giving my characters enough depth in the first book, well I can't. If I give it all away in book 1, why read the series? I like to develop them over the course of the series. You're going to see some things you may like or dislike in both characters over the progression. In life, seldom is it always smooth sailing, and this couple came together in less than two weeks. They're going to hit some rough spots. It's normal.
Vegas was ideal for a man that is 'old school' and very opinionated. He makes no excuses, and tells it like it is. Emma is his woman and that means something to him.

I will say that in Vegas is Dying you're set up for something big brewing. It's most likely leading to the Mega Novel crossover.
So, if you haven't read both series by the time it rolls out, you'll need to, or you won't understand all the characters.

Again, thank you for the great questions! I already received more and will post them later in the week. I'm going to be taking the next three days off to take the kids to an amusement park fun-fest, but I'll be back blogging later in the week!
If I survive the rollercoasters!

Have a great week and keep reading!

Much Love, Mayhem and Murder,