Suggested reading order

Dear Reader,

Since my books crossover a great deal, I recommend reading them as they are written. I tend to mention characters in books they don’t generally occur in, and later in the series, there are full crossovers.

Some readers have contacted me for this list, and I figured I’d pass it on to the rest of you.

While you can read the books by series only, it only enhances the reading experience if you go in order of how I wrote them. I tend to give away secrets…

I’m sneaky like that.

On the next page, I’ve given you the list. 


Here is the reading book order:

The Killing Times (FBI)
Sacred Burial Grounds (FBI)
True Love Lost (FBI)
Deep Dark Mire (FBI)
Fire Burns Hot (FBI)
Celestia is Falling (Croft & Croft)
Darkness of Truth (FBI)
Vegas is Dying (Croft)
Devil hath Come (FBI)
Christmas is Killing (Croft)
Blood Red Rage (Littlemoon)
Consumed by Wrath (FBI)
Sinner Repent (Carter trilogy 1)
Love is Bleeding (Croft)
Lost & Broken (Littlemoon)
Illegal Fantasies (Anthology 1)
Redemption is Here (FBI)
Sinner Realized.(Carter trilogy 2)
Romance Under Arrest (Anthology 2)
Heaven is Weeping (Croft)
Unthinkable Games (Littlemoon)
Dead Shall Speak (FBI)
Sinner Reborn (Carter trilogy 3)
Pledging to Die (FBI)
Hell is Burning (Croft)
Truth is Found (Littlemoon)
Slay Bells Ring (FBI)
Holiday Reinforcements (Trilogy 3)
Oracle Rising (Oracle)
Past will Haunt (FBI Flashback 1)
Choices will Destroy (FBI)
Justice is Dead (Final croft book)
Haven of Nightmares (Littlemoon)
Blood Shall Run (FBI)
Oracle Seeing (Oracle)
Dark Justice (New Croft Series)
Forbidden Secrets (Littlemoon)
Act of Blood (FBI)
Oracle Saving (Oracle)
Stalked by the Past (FBI flashback 2 )
Dying to Love (FBI)
Lost Justice (Croft)
Kiss of Souls ( Littlemoon) (FBI/Littlemoon crossover)
Oracle Haunting (Oracle)
Revenge has Come (FBI)
Paid Justice (Croft)
Lost Souls (Littlemoon)
Discarded by Fate (FBI)
Atonement (Hunter Trilogy 1) 
It’s Good to be the Boss (Romance Anthology 1) 
Dawn of Evil (FBI) 
Dead are Forgotten (FBI) 
Love Knows No Bounds (FBI) 
True Justice (Croft/FBI crossover)
Mob Justice (Croft)
Curses Found (Littlemoon) April 2018
Absolution (Hunter Mercenary) May 2018
All the King's Henchmen (FBI) June
Honor They Anger (FBI Flashback) July 2018
No Justice (Croft Mob) August 2018
Secret Shame (Littlemoon) Sept 2018
All the Queen's Men (FBI) October 2018
Amends (Hunter Mercenary) Nov 2018
Its Good to be Loved (Romance Anthology) Nov 2018
Angel of Death (FBI Christmas) Dec 2018
Wicked Hunt (Tueur Book 1) Dec 2018
Cause of Death (FBI Flashback) January 2019
Time of Death (FBI) January 2019
L'amour of death (FBI flashback) 2019
All Justice (Croft) 2019
Choice of Despair (Littlemoon) 2019
Blood of my Enemies (FBI) October 2019

Harcourte books do not cross over and can be read anytime.

Dangerous Revelations
Dangerous Choices
Dangerous Misery
Dangerous Retaliation
Dangerous Influence
Dangerous Sacrifice
Dangerous Destruction Dec 2017


  1. Can you update the suggested reading order? I love having a sneak peek at what order and where the books might be going.

    1. Here you go, Ashley!
      Sorry it wasn't up sooner, but I just finalized the rest of the year this morning. That's the final release order for 2018, and the first two months of 2019.