Friday, February 22, 2013

The beginning of it all...

Today I decided to start a blog.
Because I don't spend enough time all day writing, editing and thinking.
A few of my readers have been on me about creating another outlet where they can get to know me, so here it is! (Yes, I do actually read and answer your emails personally)
A little about me to start. I happen to have the best damn job in the universe. I get to sit at home with coffee, my cat and jammies to write.
Yes, I'm a writer folks.
I know you've heard that before. Grandma used to fancy herself pretty quick with weaving a tale, or you know someone, who knows someone, who likes to dally with the idea of banging out their memoires.
Well, I'm neither of those.
I am a real writer. I get paid to sell books and E-books. I kid you not!
If you mosey on over to Amazon, or Barnes and Noble, you'll find me there. Now, whether or not I write the things you'll enjoy reading, well that's another story all together.
I believe in writing things that draw us in and make us happy. My joy comes from copious amounts of sex and violence.

Yeah, you read that right.

 I like to kill some unsuspecting victims, hide their corpses, and then play the game of 'whodunit'! (Don't judge me.)
Is my sex tame? Ehhhh... If you think a threesome is nothing to scoff at then I'm probably pretty tame. If you don't mind some graphic love scenes then welcome to my world.  
As for the killing, I've crushed, hung, strangled, drown, burnt, eviscerated, peeled the flesh from, and cut up my victims. (just to name a few)
In future blogs, I plan on talking about the killers that I've written about. So, hang in there okay?
Anyway, back to me. I love my job, my life, and the fun that I have every damn day.
But please don't think it's all fun and games. I have written a 190,000 word novel in ten days. I sometimes work from three in the morning until ten p.m., go to bed for four hours and start all over again. There's days when its sitting here and having time to blog, and there are days when the nose is to the grindstone.
It's not all royalty checks and fun.
Anyone that has ever said a writer doesn't have to bleed for his/her craft hasn't met a real writer. I stand by that assessment. I was once one of those naysayers. To put it into perspective: Everyday is a struggle. An uphill run, wearing a rucksack, carrying twenty more pounds of gear in the blistering sun of the desert, while a drill sergeant screams vile profanities in your ear.
Yeah, that about sums it up.
Editing, proofing and then slaving away until you want to weep from the stress of it all.
That's why I've decided to make this blog. My bestest girlfriend in the whole world has told me I need to chill out and stop control freaking everything to death. (Yes Tammy, I do hear what you say to me.) So, this is my attempt to relax. I promise here that I will let the words flow, that I won't stress punctuation and editing, and I will give you all an insight into the life of me...

Morgan Kelley.